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Ménage-how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

By Kaenar Langford

Ménage, oh the images it conjures up in my head. I can remember the very first time my addiction made itself known. I was working on the first chapter of my second book, green as the grass about writing and genres. About three or four pages into the story, I realized it was going to be a cowboy novel and decided I wasn’t ready for, didn’t want to write a cowboy book. Now I know better. I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.

Anyway, in my quest to change the storyline, I went to the Ellora’s Cave website and looked at the list of genres there. I scanned down and the word futuristic caught my eye. That really appealed to me since I had to look up so many trademarks for my first book. I figured if I set the book in the future, the characters wouldn’t use current products, so no more looking up trademarks. That decision made, I scanned further down the list and saw the word ménage. I’m not kidding. A shiver ran down my spine as I considered the possibilities and the manuscript changed direction and Jude’s Choice became a futuristic m/m/f ménage.

After that, I was hooked. Everything else seems so vanilla after you’ve had ménage. Then I decided I wanted to know more about male/male everything so I went to the experts. The owners of Spa Excess, the largest gay spa in Toronto, allowed me to tour the place from top to bottom. The classy shower rooms and sauna, the glory hole room, the twelve man whirlpool, the playroom with a sling, jail, St. Andrew’s Cross and bench-I saw it all. I wrote an article about the expedition and it was published in Lady Jaided, the Ellora’s Cave emagazine. I had so many letters from women saying they’d love to see inside that I began to formulate story ideas that would put a woman into the all-male world.

That’s how Julianna Emerson’s story about spending the evening at Seduction, the largest gay spa in Toronto, came about. In Something Naughty This Way Comes, the owners have had so many requests from women who want to play at the bathhouse that they decide to open the second floor to women, but only one night a week. Julianna gets to do the trial run and fulfill her fantasy of making love with two men at the same time.

Something Naughty This Way Comes
Kaenar Langford

One woman, two men, unlimited pleasure.

Here’s an excerpt:

Preamble: Julianna and Derrick check out The Maze, a room devoted to anonymous glory hole sex.


Julianna couldn’t believe she was walking down the corridor of Seduction in nothing but her underwear and high heels. The moment she’d stepped out the door of the locker room, Derrick had drawn her back against him, letting her feel that thick, scorching cock pressing against her.

“Let’s check out the next room and I’ll let you guess if it’s the right room for me to peel that beautiful lingerie from your hot body.”

She was wet knowing he was behind her, could feel the heat from his gaze licking along her skin. Then he moved in front and took her hand. The music throbbed through her as he led her down the hall and across the threshold of a dimly lit room.

The subdued illumination came from blue rope lights placed on the floor around the perimeter of the room. Another set seemed to crisscross and float in midair.

“Where are we?” she asked, trying to peer into the darkened chamber.

“This is the maze,” Derrick said. “Did Samuel tell you about it?”

Julianna felt her knees go weak at the memory of the owner’s words.

“You’re shivering,” he said, rubbing one of her hands between his. “Are you cold?”

“Oh no. I’m remembering what he said about this room. I want to see what’s here. Show me.”

“With pleasure,” Derrick said, drawing her in. “This room has cubicles set in a horseshoe shape. Everything in here is painted black, the walls, the doors, the floor. Everything.” He pulled open a door and held it so Julianna could see inside.

“It looks like a little dressing room,” she said.

Derrick laughed. “No one would be dressing in there. They’d be naked and hard.”

She shivered at his words, trying to focus on the interior of the booth. As her eyes adjusted to the light, Julianna could see that the door of the little room and the walls between the cubicles had holes at various heights.

“Oh,” she said quietly. “That’s what Samuel described. Those holes are where a man would put his penis for someone to suck or to slide inside a willing body.”

“Exactly,” said Derrick.

“But why is there a hole way up the wall? How could anybody put their erection through a high opening like that?”

“Come and I’ll show you.”

Letting the door swing shut, he gently pulled her around the half circle of cubbies and in behind, where they climbed a ramp leading to a platform in the centre of the horseshoe.

Now Julianna could see the lights, which originally appeared to be floating, were actually attached to the tops of the little rooms, illuminating Derrick’s powerful body as if he stood bathed in eerie moonlight.

“If it were light in here, I’d think this was some kind of viewing platform,” she said. “But what’s it really for?”

Moving behind her, Derrick guided her so her body was against the upper half of the wall of a booth. “Press your body against the wall and tell me what you feel.”

Julianna pushed herself flush against the flat surface and realized there was a large hole, like a long oval, right in front of her belly. Turning only her head, she looked right at
Derrick’s erection and licked her lips.

“You’re going to put your cock through there for me, aren’t you?”

When he nodded, her breathing grew more rapid at the thought of his beautiful, hard shaft thrust though the opening while she stood in the darkened space below. His glorious erection would be level with her avid mouth.

“I want to see how this works.”

Something Naughty This Way Comes
By Kaenar Langford

Read the first chapter on my book page


  1. Hey Kaenar!

    What a breathtaking excerpt. Yum!

    I find it hard to believe you shy away from a western, or pretty much anything else for that matter. Oh, and the title, Jude's Choice... I do like that one. LOL

    Wonderful insight into your take on menage. Thanks so much for joining us at OGG


  2. Kaenar,

    What were you thinking, shying away from a Western. Sigh, I would just love for you to write that book and get TEB to publish it. With a menage. That would be perfect. Please do it. I have loved all of the rest of your books.

  3. Hi Jude,
    I knew you'd like the title. LOL As for a western, at the time I was just beginning to write and really had no idea what I wanted to write or where my bent would take me. Now I know it will take me pretty much anywhere and a cowboy book may be somewhere in the future.
    P.S. Thanks for the invitation. I loved being a guest and especially for a subject near and dear to my heart.

  4. Dear Susilien,
    Thanks for the lovely comment. I just had no idea where my writing would take me when I started out. Now, I can see a cowboy book looming on the horizon somewhere.

  5. Hello, Kaenar,

    Welcome to the Grip, and thanks for your steamy post!

    I had to chuckle at your comments about trademarks. Why can't we just ignore real world stuff like that and follow our imaginations?

    Speaking of imagination, your photos are definitely enough to stimulate mine!



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