Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Weird Fetish

There's only one ritual I wish I could break. I have others: needing to have something on the telly while I write, making a playlist for it, etc. I have to have a shower before I got to bed and I don't like moving from any place without checking first that I've got everything. You know, little things like that.

But they're not as bad as the one ritual I can't seem to get rid of, no matter how hard I try:

When I watch Masterchef, or any other food program, I have to have something to eat. Which doesn't sound that bad, until you realise how much I LOVE Masterchef. Like: seriously. My Sky planner is packed to the gills with every iteration of this show.

Australian Masterchef. Australian Kid's Masterchef. Masterchef On Ice. Masterchef For Dummies. You name a Masterchef - even the ones that don't exist - and I'll have watched it. I even know the theme tunes for most of them, and can state the things the judges are going to say before they say it.

For example: I know John Torode hates fish paired with orange. I understand that Greg Wallace does not really assess food - he simply lists the ingredients in it and what they usually taste like. "You get iron rich spinach, beefy steak, tangy garlic..." Well yes, I kind of hope you do. It'd be weird if you were getting spinach rich with zinc and steak that tasted like chicken.

But anyhoo - I digress. About Masterchef, and what I absolutely have to do while it's on.

I have to eat. And it's gotten so bad that I've had to start lining up my meals with watching it - otherwise I'd just be eating all the time while my television turns into the Masterchef box. It's worse than that, in fact, because the other day Husband noticed that I wasn't eating the dinner in front of me. And then he realised why: it's because he'd paused Masterchef to go get himself a drink.

Which probably makes it less of a ritual and more of a weird fetish that I can't shake.

Sorry, Lisabet. I've discussed the wrong topic. I thought we were on "Mad Things Charlotte Likes To Do For No Good Reason", and penned this post accordingly. Maybe after I've had some beans and toast while watching Greg Wallace describe how food tastes, I'll be able to come up with something that makes more sense...


  1. Charlotte,

    I haven't a clue what Masterchef even IS.

    Okay, I gather it's a TV show? A TV show with chefs, right?

    What's so weird about wanting to eat while you're watching a chef? Seems pretty natural to me.


  2. LOL yeah, it's like a cookery competition. And I know it's not that weird...I just wish I could break out of it!


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