Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You'd be surprised at what I read!

People are forever asking me what I’m reading, and looking at me strangely when I tell them. I guess they think because I write erotic romance I read it all the time. Not so. I have my favorite authors, of course, but when I’m in the middle of a manuscript I need something totally unrelated so another author’s voice doesn’t bleed into mine.
So what, you ask, do I actually read?
Well, I’ve just finished Waiting For Love, Book 8 in Marie Force’s McCarthy’s of Gansett Island series. This is the story of Adam McCarthy, one of the brothers, and a woman returning to the island after her second romance has exploded. I found this series when Maid For Love, the first book, was offered free on BookBub, and have devoured them all. They are great contemporary romances, both intense and light-hearted and have kept me going on me treadmill for weeks.
I just finished reading Black List by Brad Thor. Talk about a change of pace. Brad writes intense political thrillers that are very much into the current global scene. His books are thoroughly researched and cleanly written and keep me up far too late at night. I just wish he’d find the right woman for his hero, Scot Harvath. What can I say? I’m a romantic!
I also read very dark suspense by Lisa Garner. She’s is such an excellent writer but her books are not for the faint of heart, She really digs into the underbelly of society and not everything ends up neatly packaged. But she does eventually gives her main protagonists happy endings so I can survive the rest of it.
And of course there’s Robyn Carr. What can I say? I got hooked on the Virgin River series when Robyn spoke to my RWA chapter the year the first three books came out. I’ve bought every one since then. Her latest, My Kind of Christmas, has such a heartwarming ending I read the last two chapters ten times.
So when I’m not heavy into my hot sweaty bodies and the intricacies of erotic sex, my mind wanders through the alleyways of the world where danger lurks and in heartwarming stories loaded with sentimentality. That’s my addiction. A hunger I can’t feed fast enough.
And I’m sure I’ll keep doing it!


  1. I read anything and everything. Reading just one genre gets boring, even erotic romance. I had a mostly cozy mystery summer because my mystery reading (my first love of reading)had been neglected for over a year. I've been trying to read a better mix now.

  2. Reading a wide variety of subjects makes a person more interesting. My favorite conversations are with people who read all sorts of books and watch different movies. It's too easy to become narrow-minded when only focusing on one genre.

  3. Desiree, I rationalize that anything we read can turn out to be research for our own writing. Anything. You just never know what bits and pieces may someday be useful, or even trigger ideas of your own.

    Of course the mark of a good book is that it draws you into its world so far that you don't think about anything else while you're there.

  4. Ladies, you are all so very right on. I take something away from every book I read.

  5. Yes, Desiree-
    I also seldom read erotica just to read a book. My involvement with ERWA satisfies me with enough sexual content. Then there's the fact that if I'm reading and not critiquing a well-written erotic book, I'm unlikely to leave myself alone long enough to get anything out of it.

    Be well-
    Daddy X

  6. We write in numerous genres mostly because I'm easily bored. not only do I read a variety of genres, I read them. And I like to think each informs my writing.



  8. Hotcha, you and I must have the same tastes. And Lorna, I know what you mean!

  9. i'm omnitextual.see my post on Thursday ;)

  10. Hi, Desiree,

    It sounds like all your books have one thing in common - a story laced with strong emotion. Which doesn't really surprise me.

    Do you read non-fiction at all?

    And Amanda - "omni-textual"... I LOVE it!

  11. I used to read just erotic contemporary books. Since I started reading erotic books it has open a whole new genre of books to me. There are so many good books to read.


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