Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hope This Isn't Too Soon

By Daddy X

Dear Sharon,

Hoping this note finds you well. Seems like just yesterday we last saw each other, hugged each other. It’s been over a year now since the funeral, but I know it never goes away. My wish is that you’ve learned to cope somehow. I know your life with Joel wasn’t always what you’d hoped for, but loss is loss just the same. Sometimes we just don’t realize how it is until it’s gone.

I knew you and Joel weren’t faithful to each other when he was alive. People say you two had an open marriage; but is that really what it was? Didn’t he tell you it was more self-affirming for you to fool around, even when everybody knew he did it first? He played you.

If this kind of talk is out of line, or if it’s still too soon, I’ll understand. I’ll always understand my Sharon, no matter what she does.

Just like in high school, when I loved you from the wings. You and your cheerleader outfit, your cheerleader body, your cheerleader ways. You always had the most popular, best-looking boys in school chasing after you. I never stood a chance—never had the money, the looks, the football letters, or for that matter the brains to make me feel like I could compete. You were just so out of my league.

Then you found him. Or did he find you? The older man with all the money.

I knew right then you would be better off with me, but what did I have to offer someone like you? Even if I could convince you to love me, I couldn’t possibly have fulfilled all your needs at the time.

So, you ask… “Why now?”

Why would I think, right now, that your needs have changed?

And my answer would be that I could offer you a monogamous relationship, Sharon. A relationship where I wouldn’t want you fucking strange men. I wouldn’t expect you to sniff out other women for his stable. Wouldn’t ask you to make gangbang videos and put them online for the world’s jerkoff parties… and his profits. Would not ever have had you do assfuck flicks. No cock sucking behind dumpsters. Never again.

So now that we are both so much wiser, if you think we could perhaps find comfort, if not joy and happiness in each other, I’d love to give dating a try.

I know you read this blog, so please get back to me with a comment.

When and if you are ready, of course.

Mary Ann


  1. Dear Mary Ann,

    You foolish little cunt. You know nothing of my marriage to Joel. He never did any of those things to me. Sure, we did them to you and to plenty of others, but never to me.

    In fact, I’m the one who ran the operation. Joel was the muscle who protected me. He also protected you and all the other sluts who actually did the tricks. Women like you, Mary Ann. Women who succumbed to his thick cock, or those who thought they could get to me through him. But he put you all on the street and came home to me, sucker.

    Sure, he fucked ‘em all. I did too, most of them. You just never turned me on.

    By the way—I’m still in the pussy business. So if you still want work, please scrub up and make yours available.

    Otherwise, fuck off-


  2. oooo. love the way you turned this around ;) nasty. delectably nasty.

  3. Now that's an original take, Daddy!


  4. THanks, Amanda and Lisabet!

    Since Momma and I got together so young, we never had many relationships. But lots of one-to-several nighters with friends, tourists and waitresses. So I had to make something up.


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