Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Patience, My Dear

by Daddy X

Hard pressed to come up with much about patience (I’m not particularly impatient) I figured to use the prompt as a kick-off for a story. Here’s a snippet of a tale for a challenge at ERWA’s ‘Storytime’, writing something from the POV of the opposite sex. Killing a couple of birds here.

I posted the entire piece on Storytime just hours ago. 

Dan Davis is an antiques dealer who comes into town every three months for an exhibit near the home of our heroine, Eleanor. They were discussing a group of Roman erotic oil lamps at the show.

 Light My Fire excerpt:
We went out to dinner after the show. It was the first time we’d met outside an antiques venue.

In the cab back to my place we whispered close the entire way. We brushed cheeks a time or two, but I didn’t let him touch me, which could send me to a place where I knew I couldn’t draw myself back. I wasn’t taking him home on the first date. He’d have to learn patience, I’d decided.

He told the cabbie to wait in front of my building while he walked me to the door.

He walked me to my door!

I’m sure he hoped I’d tell the driver to go on his way. I didn’t. I’d have to learn patience as well. I took out my keys, turned to him on the stoop, head tilted, inviting his kiss.

He met me in a tight embrace, strong arms encircling my waist and back. His kiss went deep and held there, tongues tangling. A hand slid down to my backside.

In return, I sucked on him, drawing his tongue deep into my hungry mouth. I opened  my legs a touch and pressed my pubic mound to his thigh where we stood, grinding against him to let him know I was interested.

“Should I tell the cab to go?” he asked, a jerk of a thumb over his shoulder.

I shook my head, watching the bright expectation fog over his eyes. “No, not this time, Dan. Let’s be patient about this.”

“It’ll be three months before I get back, he said. “Will it feel as perfect then? Will you find somebody?”

“I’ll be fine, Dan. Don't worry about me. But what about you? Do you have the patience to wait?”

“Seems the only sex I get these days is from truck stop hookers. Not likely to fall for one of them.”

“Hah!” I said, pinching the tip of his dick through his trousers, “Going for a quick suck-off later?”

“Don’t. It’s okay if you don’t want to, right now. But don’t play with me. I don’t get to have a dating life, not like you.”

He was right. I already had in mind the fuck buddy I would call later, after Dan had gone.

Three months after that, Dan was back in town and we went out on another date, another high-end restaurant. This time I told the cabbie he could leave.

“You’re inviting me up?” His expression a child’s longing at Christmas.

“Yes, it’s not our first date anymore,” I replied, hoping I’d be as patient as he clearly was.

Once in the apartment, I poured him a beer and sat on the sofa, he at my side. We sat close. His beer went flat in the glass as we petted, kissed and drove each other sexy-crazy.

“Bedroom?” I suggested.

He nodded, “Thought you might never say that. Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” I said. “Not yet. Wait’ll you see what you’re getting.”

“Right now, you’re about all I want, Eleanor. I haven’t been able to get you off my mind.”

“Even while the hookers are doing you?” It just sprung from my mouth. I sure didn’t want to lose him.

“Had one that night on the road. After you and I kissed for the first time. Thought about you all the while. Several others too, over these months.”

“So someday you’ll tell me if I suck and fuck as well as your prostitutes?”


“You’ll see.” I took him by the hand and led him to my room. Earlier, I’d left the blanket turned down on an angle. Clean violet sheets.

“Tidy place,” he said. “Expecting company?”

“Get out of those clothes, get under the covers,” I said, unbuttoning my blouse.

“You bet.”

Dan looked like Christmas morning had really happened by the time I had everything off. I took my good time, sashaying around the bed, shooting little glances at him when any article of clothing slid down my silky skin. Bending over with my butt stuck out, making sure the cheeks spread as I did, enticing him further and further into a sexual state of longing, so hard to suppress.

For both of us.

Under the covers, arms around each other, his leg between mine, we started kissing and exploring each other’s naked body, becoming closer and closer, hotter and hotter, more and more in each other’s thrall. A spinning whirl of passion and growing familiarity took us further and further into our light-headed congress.

“Oh shit,” he said. “Do you have a condom? Mine are in the van, back at the antique hall.”

“We’re not going to do that,” I said. “Not now.”

He sat up, leaning on an elbow. “What’s that?”

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I won’t send you away, not like last time, at least.”

“But why-”

“I just think we should know where this is going before we go all the way”

“Now you’re sounding like a teenager. What’s ‘all the way’ supposed to mean?”

“Sexual intercourse,” I said. Not till I’m married. Not with something I think may be serious. Certainly not tonight.”

“I guess I should leave.”

“Not on your life, buster. You’re not going anywhere,” I whispered in my throatiest voice. “Lay back. I’m not done with you. You’re not getting off that easy.”

“I’m not getting you.”

“Right. Not tonight. Lay on your back. I’m getting you.”

Dan pulled me to his chest. He hugged me tight, pecking lightly at my face and neck, getting himself and me hotter and hotter for each other.

I straddled his body, settling my pubis over his shaft lengthwise, tucked between my sopping labia. I slid on him, up and down, not letting his tip near my opening, trying as hard as possible to make contact with my clit, grinding, sloppy, up and down the length of him. Once, on a particularly angled curl and tuck on my part, he did make the entrance, and it slid into me good. So goddamn easy fucking slick good that I thought I might surrender. It was all I could do to twist from his steely grasp as he struggled to impale me deeper. A slurping sound escaped as he slipped from my pulsing grip.

He gasped- “Whaaa?”

“Let me,” I said.

Again, I crouched over him, holding his arms above his head, slipping and sliding our slickened parts together, tits waving above his face, nipples so hard, so sensitive, neither of us with anything on our minds but what was going on between our legs. It didn’t take long before we came in tandem, me beating him by a stroke or three. It seemed as though my climax had set him off.

As it should be. … And what a sticky mess!

 I went to the bathroom for a towel, came back and lay beside him, first mopping his six-pack, then concentrating on my own belly and pubic hair. I said, “So- better now?”

“Yeah, but-”

“I told you before—no nooky! I’ll do about anything else with you, Dan, but no penetration until I’m married. Not with somebody I really like.”

“Why just me? What about the others? Other guys get to have you, but I can’t?”

“Oh, you’ll have me alright. You’ll have me in so many other ways, you won’t miss it.”


“Yes, intercourse is different, special different. It's about what I feel for you. I have something going with you that I haven’t experienced before, Dan, not before now, I mean. You’re something I don’t want to screw up. Can you understand that, sweetheart? Can’t we both have the discipline to satisfy each other in other ways, at least until we know we’re both serious?”

“I am serious,” he said. I can’t stop thinking about you, Eleanor. Every date, every hooker I’ve had along the road since the last time here, I imagined as you. None of those others even existed to me.”

I sucked the tip of his dick into my mouth, pressing against the velvety knob with the flat of my tongue. “I exist,” I mumbled around his girth.

Don’t talk with your mouth full, girl.


So maybe see the rest of this on ERWA Storytime. It's free.


  1. I've never been a patient woman. When I want, I WANT! And I've never understood the concept of holding back, when what I want is so clearly what he wants also. What's the point?

  2. Interesting alternative though. Had me holding my breath...

  3. I seriously love stories that remember there are many naughty things people can do in bed together besides PiV. Thanks for the excerpt!

  4. Yes, Fiona- Witholding sex pisses me off too, but it is a standby in femdom. For those who do that kinda thing. :>(

    Thanx folks!

  5. Perfect for the topic, Daddy! Though I wouldn't call this fem dom.

  6. Don't ask me how I know, but sex without penetration can be great even for aging folks when Cialis helps but is no longer quite enough. This story and Annabeth's upcoming one can apply to this situation, if only tangentially.

  7. Sacchi-
    Momma and I have found that my somewhat less-than rock-hard organ can now twist and bend into places inside her that weren't available to us before except with fingers.


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