Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guest Blogger: Molly Daniels

I'm looking for a replacement blogger with something to say, who's not afraid of giving an opinion. If you're interested in taking my place on The Grip blog, Tuesdays, send me an email. KellyKirch@gmail.com. In the meantime, Molly has graciously offered to fill in for me today. Please welcome, Molly Daniels.

I’m author Molly Daniels and I self-published my first two books, Love is Sober and Love Finds a Way, and both can be purchased on Amazon.com.

I’m not e-pubbed yet, but I’m getting close! And my second book is doing well in its first year of sales. Four of my latest manuscripts have been making the rounds at various publishers, and even though I’ve gotten rejected, I’ve received some valuable feedback for improving my stories.

One thing authors must have is thick skin. Otherwise when we receive that rejection notice, depression and self-doubt take over, and we seriously begin to re-think the publishing business. When I receive one, I remember that Dr. Seuss was rejected 28 times before he found a publisher to take a chance on him. I’m still a long way from 28, but the number is climbing. I just have to have faith; one day my manuscript will land in the right editor’s inbox and will be given that chance to find readership! If I don’t believe in myself, who will?

I’ve read a couple of interviews with editors who have said they don’t like authors who respond angrily to rejections. This floored me; I had no idea anyone would ever do that. When I receive a rejection, I print it out so 1) I remember who I’ve submitted to and 2) it documents my struggle toward published author status. I’ve heard of some authors using their rejection letters as wallpaper.

There will always be people who don’t like what we write. In my case, my mother objects to my use of the ‘F’ word; others don’t mind it. When I started reading erotic fiction, some of the buzz words bothered me, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with them over the past year. I’ve done several signings this year, and I always point out that there is graphic language in my books. Consequently, people have written me, complaining of certain words, and offered to pray for my soul. At one signing, a woman prayed over me, asking God to ‘cleanse my mind’ and to write with a clean heart. I didn’t get confrontational; I simply stood there with my eyes closed respectfully while she prayed. After all, a sale is a sale, and she bought my second book because it is ‘cleaner’ than the first one!

I accidentally made a few enemies last fall, when I discovered not everyone shares my sense of humor. I issued an apology and have redeemed myself (hopefully!) although I still shake my head over the fact I can curse, post sexually explicit material, but I’d better not post certain song lyrics? Makes no sense.

Secondly, I have met quite a few talented authors out there, and many I’ve met because of interviews I’ve read on my friends’ blogs. I also belong to a few chat loops, and when I’ve been invited to participate, the darn list grows! It grew out of control and I had to force myself to stop adding to it. I can only buy so many per week, after all, and I’m happy to report it is finally getting manageable again!

I try to pass on my favorite books, and if I’ve read one of yours which only gets a mention, but no raving, don’t hold it against me, please? I do read them more than once and sometimes the first reading will only bring a lukewarm response. But I am a loyal reader, and I do spread the word to my non-author friends!

Now I just need an e-reader so I’m not fighting my children for computer time!


  1. Great post, Molly. Welcome to the group.

  2. Hi Molly! Glad you could make it. Great blog.

  3. Thanks guys:) After my unintentional 'controversial blog', I'm kinda shy about tackling the hard core subjects! Though I don't mind leaving MHO in the comment section:)

  4. Great post!

    Indeed, not everyone is going to like what one writes!

    You just can't please them all!

    but wheather they love you, or hate you, they cannot ignore you!


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