Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Straight Ahead Till Midnight

Ditch the kid, take a hike down the pike
around the bend we go
Come forth ye Ahab, Meshach and Abindego
Walking the earth to and fro
there's nothing new under the sun
its all been done, how come
you got nothing to show?

Achtung, Prince Charming
Talkin' to you, Magoo
Got me my samurai razor
now pass me the glue
gonna make a man out of you.
Till Mr. Perfect comes along, you'll have to do
then toodle loo.

Make out in the back of your 68 Malibu
park on the tracks, till the Midnight Special
blows a horn down our backs.

Look up Butterfly
Here's my Chinese tatoo
lick me there, Lao Tzu
Fly away Butterfly, life's a bitch and then you die
take what's left, get me to the brink
Can't cheat death, but I'll spit in His drink.

My hair out the window, yell my best Bible Belt Battle Yell
Come on Magoo
make me feel like ice water feels in Hell.

Bust out for the wild blue
off the rails, on a binge, lightin' out for the fringe
Gonna bail this town, light out for Tuscaloosa
then Baton Rouge and Bogaloosa
I'm a rick rack rat shack loser
with a belly full of shame
and some dues to do that got to do with you, Magoo
cause you're looking for love
but I'm out to give love a bad name.

C. Sanchez-Garcia


  1. Some great imagery here, Garce. But I'll admit to finding some of the references obscure.

    Does have a runnin' away feeling, though. And I love the last line.


  2. Hi Lisabet!

    I've been reading and practicing writing poetry a lot lately, which is something I think an apprentice writer should do.

    A lot of it is word play, and some of it is about stuff. I like to think this would be a poem that would be fun to read out loud. Some parts of it are real though. Gettin' that run away feeling.


  3. Garce,

    I was reading this and getting echoes of Ginsberg from the rap-like rhythm and the alliteration/assonance of the lyricism.

    Like Lisabet, I thought the imagery was powerful and I think the whole piece would work for performance.


  4. Garce, I love your experiments. You always come up with something new.

  5. Hi Ashley!

    You sent me running to the dictionary with "assonance" ("Assonance? Assonance? I'm an asshole? Oh - assonance is a good thing.")

    I haven;t read any Ginsberg since "Howl". Now I'm curious.

    You have all my blessing if you want to read this at the Dead Poets night, or "The 500 Dildoes of Sweet Granny Franny" or "Tink" or any of them. And if there's a sound clip I'd love to hear it.

    Nice to see you back. Hope things are going better.


  6. Hi Jean!

    I discovered early on that most of the topics that came up, I didn;t have any deep insights on, so I began to use OGG to challenge myself and experiment with. I've done so many things here I would never have tried without this little mental sand box to play in.



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