Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lust in the Detergent Aisle

I’m in the soap aisle of the Kroger store, staring at the polished silver handle of a very nice upholstery brush.  I have no interest in upholstery brushes.

The ghost in the polished silver handle– big and bouncy, meaty, outrageous.  Oh you.  Go your way -   Jigging among the bottles in defiantly tight and definitive black jersey, swollen to bursting like a Macy’s Parade balloon.  Where have you been?  Oh thou gorgeous heifer?

Jig. Jig. Jig. God bless that savagely sumptuous Bison rump, fellatio lips snickering a delicious hum, oh the humanity, that staggering tonnage of her Charmin clevage swaying unhinged like a surprised suspension bridge in wind.  

Big and boozing, irreproachably lewd, from Cheer to Joy, from Joy to All, swelling Tide, the agreeable white grub between my amused legs awakes “Lugt Schwestern!  Die weckerin lacht in den Grund!”

Surreptitiously on toes, closer I, a prince among detergents,  for if she turns oh how fine on sheets as fresh as snow, to smother languorously below the salt dark, undulating, mucusly slipshod, riant bore as she humps over head.  To slam on the juice!  From Bounce to Shout to Finish then Snuggle!

“Is this cheap stuff any good?”

Unhinged, civilized me again under the unthrillingly dumb florescent lamps.

“I think so. I use it.”

Eroticism can happen anywhere.



  1. A love paean to the metaphor.

  2. A little Kerouac, a little Ginsburg. Great rhythm and it made me smile too. Thanx for that, Garce. You rock.

  3. "savagely sumptuous Bison rump, fellatio lips snickering a delicious hum, oh the humanity, that staggering tonnage of her Charmin clevage"
    As if that wasn't magnificent enough,
    "agreeable white grub between my amused legs"???

    Oh, Garce, you have such a way with imagery! I'm terminally in love with words...and the romance of the "what if" that you write about so often. Thanks again for sharing what goes on in the nooks and crannies of your imagination.

  4. Hi Bob!

    It is!

    Thanks for reading my stuff.


  5. Hi Daddy X!

    If you want to compare me to Kerouac i'll take it.

    But here's a good thing for you and all the new bloggers here. That's partly why I posted this - for you.

    When I first was asked by Lisabet way back in 2009 to post here I didn't have a clue. I've never felt my opinions are that interesting. So I began to experiment and improv a lot. That means i wrote a lot of embarassing crap, but I had some shining moments too. This a great place to experiment and try stuff you wouldn't have any way to try any place else. You can have fun in this place, just get up there and bust out and try weird stuff. There aren't any rules as long I don;t bore people.


  6. Fiona!

    You wild thing. I just love the fact that you get me. I had fun writing this, because just like you, I love language. I don;t claim to be good at it, but I surely do love it.


  7. Love the language! Maybe even a touch of modernized James Joyce there.

  8. Hi sachi
    James Joyce? I wish!


  9. This is really a poem, Garce.

    And I adore it. I adore your mind and your creativity and your open, open eyes.

    Thanks for sharing with us all.

  10. Hi Jean

    "Come down you fearful Jesuit . . ." (Ulysees)

    Maybe sometime I'll try to do an imitation of Joyce. I did imitate his voice here a couple of years ago.


  11. Lisabet! You're back.

    I need to write to you about something.


  12. such fun language, Garce. made me think of that album by the Who,"Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy," featuring Boris the spider.


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