Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Self-centered Bastard

Copyright 2012 Daddy X

It may be cliché to say, but Annie’s ass jiggles like jelly. There’s really nothing cliché about Annie’s ass. It’s not what anyone expects, once she gets it moving like she does.

Often it’s what she wears that sets it off, the bouncy little thing. Mostly halter tops with short little skirts that people want to reach under. The way they hang so low on her hips you can see the dimples on the smooth soft skin flanking her crack. Sometimes they’re stiff denim, other times a flimsy fabric you can see right through, as long as the light’s behind her. Annie seldom wears panties, except for sometimes a dark thong under the mini-sheers, just for the visual. It’s the accessibility deal. She likes that sense of accessibility.

When she bends over in those short things, you can see right up there. Right up her skirt. She won’t shave down there and she’s proud of it. “Why call it a pussy if it’s not fuzzy?” she says. Anyone can feel it if they want; Annie won’t mind. After all, that’s why she’s there. Often Annie climaxes the first few times just from peoples’ fingers. That’s why she bends over in the first place, so someone will feel her up. Sometimes she wears assless chaps.

Annie knows what her bottom does to men. The round buttocks make ‘em crazy. If she just let anyone do her like they’d like, she’d be taking it up there all the time. What an ass she’s got. The way she carries that thing around behind her. How it bounces and quivers with each step. Why won’t she let me put my dick in? One time when I was fucking her from behind she let me do it with my finger.

She’s got wavy, brown hair to go with the dark features, eyebrows and long lashes.  Pretty face with dimples to boot. The way a cock distorts those dimples, they just morph into hollowed cheeks. What a cocksucker. But why not up her ass? It’s not like she’s virgin back there. Her fucking self-centered husband fucks her there. She lets most other guys in her cunt if they want, and she’ll suck off just about anyone in the place. But no ass. I’ve seen guys beg her, and I’ve done some begging myself, but no go.

“Not in my poo-poo,” she’ll say, grinning with one hand craned behind her, covering her backside. The other hand will shake a finger at the wishful sodomist. “You’re too big for that,” she’ll say with a giggle. She does that so the guy doesn’t feel too bad about getting turned down. Annie’s a real thoughtful girl and if she likes the guy, she’ll still blow him, or have him fuck her silly.

I suspect her jerkoff husband can’t keep up with her. That’s probably why he brings her here.

Annie’s ass is fully rounded out. Like somebody’s been pumping it up. Nice, deep divide, just a dusting of a few fine hairs in the rosy flesh between. There’s that subtle concave recess on each cheek, further accentuating the protrusion of her. I could flip a derby and have it land on her ass like it’s a shelf. Sometimes when she’s got her ass way up in the air, I do something like that for fun. Everybody watching gets a kick out of what her bum looks like wearing a hat.

That one time I spit on my finger and slipped it in? Boy, I’ll tell you it’s like velvet in there. Once you get past that hard sphincter--all velvet inside. I can just imagine how all that smooth would feel all lubed up and caressing my dick, the tight ring of her entrance pinching me so. But she always says no, “No cocks in the poo-poo!”


“Too thick, you are,” she’ll say. “Plus, I’m married-- and we do respect our vows, you know.”

Her husband fucks her ass with that skinny dick of his. Every week. Pencil dick mother fucker. I guess he saw me with my finger up his wife that time, so he took to bringing her   with something already shoved in there. Butt plugs. One week a clear glass one, one that you could see her living red insides as her buttocks twitched in front of me. Lately, he’s been bringing her penetrated with some sort of thing that buzzes. There’s a remote that he keeps with him. I must admit there’s a thrill to what happens when he sets it off when someone’s in her, whether in her mouth or in her cunt. He says it’s for everybody’s enjoyment, but I know it’s just because he doesn’t want anything up there that he hasn’t put in himself. I know how guys like him think. Nothing but themselves. Selfish bastard, he is.

At all the gatherings, he waits until everybody has had at least one turn on his wife.  After prying out whatever’s in her ass, he’ll align his thumbs between her cheeks and wrench them apart to expose the dusky plane between. She’ll be stretched flat, his cock poking through her dick-starved pucker, right in the center of the mauve for everyone to see. That shows everybody that her ass is his and his alone. What a prick he is. Bastard just rubs it in our faces, right in front of the rest of us. 

Annie’ll be all sexy looking, all sticky with jizz the guys have squirted between her tits and in her hair, lipstick all around her cunt if there’s another woman there. But then, when everybody’s drooling over her, he just goes on to fuck the shit out of her back there. He gets right up behind her and slides the long skinny thing in and out with everybody watching. Her damp flesh ripples and shimmies as he slams his pelvis into her, laughing and slapping her come-smeared buttocks back and forth to get the most from the side-to-side action. Her orgasmic moans override everything else going on in the room. Look at her go.

Could this guy be any more self-centered?


  1. Wow. Making us earn our "adult audiences only" label here, Daddy!

    But you've also made your point!

  2. Yeah-
    Hope I didn't go too far. No other comments ;>) Well, you and I both told them I'd be filthy, LOL

  3. I'd been thinking it was about time we got a grip on the real nitty gritty. Good one!

  4. i keep coming back to this. it was an interesting voice & scenario. i thought it was a great mind fuck on the subject of envy. a creative way to approach the topic. i am all for filth, as you know, Daddy dear ;)

  5. Thanx Sacci and Amanda. Yes, I figured this would be up your proverbial alley, Amanda.


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