Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Punishment: Pain or Pleasure

By Desiree Holt

She had one weekend to convince him she was made for him.
Micah Sheridan is a self-made billionaire who has the world at his fingertips. He can have any woman he wants but they all seem to leave him unfulfilled. What he really wants is a woman who can submit to him completely in the bedroom but who is a strong person out in the world. An equal match for him.
Enter Teri Choate who heads an executive search agency. She’s searching, too—for a man who can master her in bed yet allow her strong personality to flourish beyond the bedroom door. The chemistry between them is so explosive it should come with a warning. When a few nights together reveal she is as addicted to BDSM as he is, he has her flown to his secluded Maine island.
She has one weekend to prove to him she can be the perfect submissive in the bedroom and an equal beyond the bedroom doors. In short, a woman who is made for him.

“Impressive, Sir.”
“I would hope so. No one has ever been here more than once. They are well paid for their silence when they leave.” He came to stand directly in front of her, his thumb stroking her cheekbone. “But not you, sweet girl. If you please me this weekend there will never be anyone else here but you. Do you remember what we agreed on?”
She nodded, the thrill of a future together making her pussy throb and her heart leap. She prayed silently she wouldn’t fail this test because Micah had spoilt her for any other man. He held her heart in the palm of his hand and she wanted him to keep it, as well as giving her his.
“You will take me to the edge as often as possible, help me reaching the highest level of pleasure.” She licked her dry lips. “If it is rewarding in many ways to both of us then we move forward together.”
“Very good. And Teri?”
She blinked at his use of her name rather than ‘girl’.
“You may have taken off the executive personality with your clothes but your inner strength is still there. Submitting to whatever I have planned and taking pleasure from it shows me that your inner strength is always with you. You are my submissive, not my inferior. Are we clear on that?”
“Yes, Sir.” She couldn’t help the tiny grin that twitched her lips.
He smiled back at her, but there was no humour. There was heat and hunger and something dark simmering there that she’d never seen before. Maybe a hint of the secrets he carried deep inside.
“Very good.” He dropped his hand. “I want to reinforce that, however, by giving you a taste of what you’ll receive if you forget. You know the drill. Please go stand against the wall there”—he pointed—”and raise your arms.”
Yes! He’ll start with the paddle, bringing that sweet pain to my ass and thighs that I crave and creeping up to my pussy
She shivered in anticipation.
When she’d done as he asked, he reached over her head to two manacles hanging from chains, pulled them down and fastened one around each wrist.
“Now your feet. Apart.”
He nudged the inside of her ankles to achieve the space he desired. She heard him move away then he was back. Cold metal bracelets were now locked around each thigh with a bar between them to maintain her position. The spreader. It left her so defenceless that he could do with her as he wished. The thought send a fresh spate of liquid surging through her pussy. She’d tried to analyse her reaction to it and had come to a conclusion. She could make herself that vulnerable because it was obvious he needed it from her, and in giving him that she had a measure of control. It seemed only with Micah had she finally understood the meaning of power exchange.


  1. Delicious!

    You earn your pseudonym, Desiree!

  2. Why thank you so much, Lisabet!

  3. Hot, Desiree. Those spreaders always get me.

  4. "he could make herself that vulnerable because it was obvious he needed it from her, and in giving him that she had a measure of control." this says it all. i agree with Daddy X about that spreader. ;)

  5. I sense that this story has a happy ending. :) Delicious is the word.


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