Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wanna know what's on my iPad?

By Desiree Holt

I make it a habit when reading for pleasure to read the opposite of what I write. I don’t ever want to take the chance of another writer’s voice bleeding into mine. I love reading what other erotic authors write but since I’m usually ass deep in at least two projects I don’t get much chance to indulge. Instead, I’ve found genres that really keep my interest.
Straight romance is one of them, the kind that gives you warm and fuzzy feelings. I am addicted to Marie Force’s McCarthy’s of Gansett Island series. So much so that I have actually reread most of the current eight books at least three times, some of them even more. Oh, not the entire book, but the really feel-good sections that put a smile on my face. She had an incredible way with words and is an exceptional storyteller. Having a hard day? Upset about something? Wish it would stop raining on your parade? Pick up one of these books. They’re better than a glass of wine, and that’s saying something.
I also love to read thrillers. My current favorite authors are Brad Thor, the late Vince Flynn and Allison Brennan. They all know how to pull you into the story from the first page and create unforgettable plots. The problem with their books is once you start one you can’t put it down. I’ve spent too many late nights propping my eyelids open because I just had to finish the book. Pick up anything by any of these authors. You can’t go wrong.
And now I’m reading a book that doesn’t belong in either genre. Do you watch LONGMIRE on television. I have to say, first of all, I am in love with Robert Taylor, the actor who plays Longmire. He can put his shoes under my bed any time. My friend Camryn Rhys recently was able to get me a signed copy of A Serpent’s Tooth, the latest in the series by Craig Johnson, on which the series is based.
Lordy, that man can write. His prose is clean, his dialogue crisp, and he really makes you “see” his characters. He has the uncanny ability to inject just the right touch of humor in a serious plot. I am actually trying to force myself to read this more slowly than I usually do because…I don’t want the books to end!
I am pretty stingy with the reviews I post but these authors are always on my Must Review list. Try them! You’ll like them!
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  1. Hi, Desiree,

    I definitely know the "can't put it down" problem. That's been responsible for some very bleary days on my part!

  2. I really really think we are "soul sisters," Desiree. I could have written(not half as well as you did) the first two thirds of this post. I haven't read any books by Craig Johnson yet though. Guess I'd better look into that.

  3. I have trouble sticking with any book that ISN'T a 'can't put it down' kinda number. One excellent work is Anais Nin's Diaries, that I tend read in bed. Part can't put it down, part historical content with notable characters, but her lovely prose still lulls me to sleep.

  4. I have read that before. It still stands the test of time.

  5. For sweet romance I go to Catherine Anderson,or Kay Springsteen. For suspense Maya Banks or Shiloh Walker

  6. Thanks for the book recommendations, Desiree. I will have to check them out.


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