Friday, March 21, 2014

Stumbling Ever Forward

Post by Lily Harlem

Technology for me is like maths. I can't actually do any more than I need to. Words, writing, science-geek-stuff (particularly human anatomy and physiology) is my thing, but numbers and wires and codes, well, that gets me stumped pretty quickly - my eyes glaze over and I just nod and shake my head randomly hoping it will all draw to an end soon!

As Lisabet already said, however, being an author requires you to have some basic knowledge and a system for wandering through all the techy bits and pieces required to submit a professional manuscript, use social media, and if you're like me, be your own webmistress and blog designer. I adored Lisabet's book Naughty Bits and have gratefully dipped in and out of it for the last few months - thank you Lisabet :-)

For me the key really is using something on a daily basis. My brain just doesn't seem to hold information it doesn't need to. I'm not sure if this is because I have an over-active imagination or if I'm just super forgetful (I prefer the first option). There was a time when I could work out complex drug calculations, kick-start a problematic drip machine and sweet talk a cardiac monitor into behaving properly. Back then, when nursing full-time I wouldn't have believed I could create a website, self-publish a book in several formats or help others out with their misbehaving blogs. Mr Harlem, who is a whizz at most techy stuff, is as amazed as I am at how much I've learnt over the last five years. It seems constant use and building on a little bit of knowledge is the key to grasping a larger skill. Baby steps leading to a bigger accomplishment.

Here is one of my favourite songs. It's called Wires and is by Athlete. The lead singer, who wrote the song after an experience when his baby was born and taken to special care, fills his lyrics with both a fear and an awe of technology. It's clear the sense of running was also with him during this time and the helplessness that went with it. I adore the hope in his words, the relief at the end of the song that everything will be all right - see what you think…



  1. You're right, Lily. If I do something techy only once in a while, it doesn't stick. My DH is the system admin in our family. Occasionally I have to do some task in that domain. He gets annoyed when I ask him how to do it for the fifth or sixth time. But he enters these commands every day, for crikey's sake! I might do it once every couple of weeks!

  2. I think it's like anything: If you do it every day, it becomes routine. Something new needs more time to acclimate to. The further away we get, with technology accelerating so fast these days, the further out of step we become. And… Momma is my tech girl.

  3. Well, I find it somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one who can't always remember techy stuff unless I write detailed notes for myself. My own spouse amazes me with her ability to figure this stuff out on her own, while she resists my efforts to fine-tune her grammar in English. :) A phrase I've come to dread from tech advisors who are usually half my age: "It's easy. You just ..." That's usually where they lose me.

  4. Oh my God, what a beautiful song. I had an album by Athlete sometime a while back but I obviously didn't pay enough attention to it. Thanks for sharing!


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