Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rest in Peace, my lovely

By Jude Mason

Roses Have Thorns

By Jude Mason

ISBN: 1-60054-084-8

Genre: Paranormal Horror / Retribution

Contains: Vengeance, Torture, Death, Bondage

Rating: Super Nova

Cover Artist: Ron O.

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What happens when a whore hooks up with the wrong john? What happens when he murders her? You'd think she'd die; there'd be an investigation that went nowhere and that'd be the end of it, right?


Rose did all these things…both of them. The first Rose died and swore vengeance, somehow. When the second Rose died, something horrible, something supernatural happens a
nd Rose comes back. Months pass, while she heals the body, transforming it into and searches for him. When she does, she takes her vengeance, and it's not sweet. Not sweet at all.

Sigh, I love erotic horror. This may not be exactly what Garce had in mind when he came up with the idea for this week's topic, but I just had to bring my Rose's up. I actually opened this book with a death. The grisly, macabre death of a street prostitute whose body was quickly taken over by the ghost of another woman who had also died horribly. The paranormal aspect was the heart of the book, yet without the horrible death, the rest would have really had no meaning.

I've written a couple of books where characters died, or were dead before I started the book. A nice ghostly scare is enough to drive many hesitant couples into a sexy clinch! And if that ghost is troubled, in need of love and horny, all the better.

Scorpio Tattoo

By Jude Mason

ISBN 978-1-59426-994-3

Contents: m/f, menage, paranormal, contemporary
This cover was created for me by Kathryn Lively
Publisher: Phaze http://www.phaze.com

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A tattoo is one of the most personal art forms that can adorn the flesh of a human. What happens when women are kidnapped and tattooed? What happens when those women die? And, what happens when the tattooist isn't alive?

Jonathan Rorke searches for the answer these questions and others when his psychic talents lead him to the latest victim. Jessica Crane, latest victim, and the only one who's still alive. Why? Together, Jonathan and Jess have to find out who and why she's being tattooed, before her tattoo is finished and she becomes casualty number three.

In this book the main characters had to learn a dreadful secret in order to save the woman from a terrible fate. The twists and turns in this book as well as the suffering of the ghost make his anger and confussion understandable. It also enhances the terror of the woman. Those emotions are strong and make for some 'sitting on the edge of your seat' moments. To me, that's what makes a good story. Grab your reader and don't let them go. If you, as the author, can keep that suspense going from beginning to end, well, you've got one fine read.

The teasing and torment, that just adds flavor, in my opinion. I'm a great one for teasing. I adore dragging the sexual frustration of a character on for pages. From the comments I get from readers, they seem to enjoy it too. Keeping it going, sustaining that special 'note' of frustrated pleasure takes some doing. In my opinion, it's worth it though. It's a bit like, how long can you hold your partner, during sex, on that pinicle of pleasure? I want my readers to dangle there too, breath held, blood racing, ready to explode when the powerful 'I' let them.



  1. The powerful you, huh? LOL

    I like the idea, Jude, and I think your readers like to dangle there with you.

    Nice post, great books!



  2. Excellent topic. Murder Creek, my full length, starts off with the first two chapters revolving around my heroine assassin killing a big-time bastard who kills prostitutes. The first chapter is the quirky set up and the second is the vicious, retributive take-down.

    So I can really get involved quickly in books that start out with murder and mayhem. It snaps you into the story and gives you the hunger to read the book and find out the "why" behind the madness.

    Great blurbs,

  3. Jenna,

    Thanks so much for dropping in this morning.


  4. V.G.,

    Thanks for coming by and commenting. I think in romance, murdering someone works and is acceptable but only if they're the ugly bad guy. LOL I know Jenna attempted to have a young man killed towards the end of a book and it worked really well, fit the plot and if it had been in another genre, I'm sure it would have been accepted by the editor no questions asked. But, because it was erotic/romance, the editor asked her to change that bit.

    I personally like a well done bit of shock to get a book going. *G* It grabs readers and keeps them breathless until you can get the story really going. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the post.


  5. I think it's great to dangle a character's fate before the readers as kong as it's not a hero they've invested emotionally in over several books. One author did it and had disastrous results. But I'm getting more and more into offing the secondary characters to move the story akong, Good blog and I have to buy your book!

  6. Hi Des,

    Yup, dangle them characters for sure. Killing off a hero is not a good plan unless he's turned horribly viscous or something. I've never done it, I'm scared to, for just the reason you stated. Readers get attached and why alienate the very people you're trying to attract? Sheesh!

    I do admit, I adore teasing them though. *G*

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  7. "The Hong Kong Connection" is a legal thriller about a gutsy female attorney who takes on high ranking International officials. It's a taut, rollercoaster of a ride from New York to Palm Beach to Washington D.C. to Hong Kong. The plot is expertly woven, the characters persuasive, and the dialogue snappy and spot on.

  8. M. L., Thanks for the heads up, and for dropping in.

  9. Hey Jude

    Your books sound great. I love dangling as well (just don't make it take the whole book, lol) We don't need too many "moonlighting" scenarios going around. Did you ever watch that show, or a I dating myself here?
    And I love horror... when I venture outside the erotic genre, I love reading Stephen King, the "king" of horror. I will definitely put Scorpion Tattoo on my must read books over the summer. Sounds like a great creepy, sexy read. Good on ya.

  10. Hey Kris!

    Great to see you here. Uh, Moonlighting, yes, I've heard of it, but I'm afraid I didn't watch it. *G* Oh, yes, you're definitely dating yourself. Gulp! Much younger than me, my dear.

    As I've said before, Roses isn't a pretty sexy book, it's not for the faint of heart. It's harsh and ugly, and the bad guy gets what he deserves. It's short though, so by the time you decide it's too OT, it's too late. LOL


  11. Hey Jude

    Killings your darlings is a tough topic. I love erotic horror too. I haven't found too many stories in that genre that really knocked me flat but there are a few.


  12. I just had to laugh at Desiree's comment:
    "But I'm getting more and more into offing the secondary characters to move the story along."

    Yikes! Glad I'm not her characters!

    I've been really intrigued by Roses Have Thorns. Got to add it to my list.


  13. Brilliant writing and fascinating reading - as always.


  14. Hi Garce,

    I loved this topic! Erotic horror, it's not a genre easy to write, at least not for me. It almost feels like digging too deep into some corner I'd rather leave alone. But, it's also a topic I find addictive in a very weird way.

    Thanks for commenting.


  15. Lisabet,

    I'm with you. Des is a scary woman... gulp. Offing the secondary character just sounds so wrong, but it works so well. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by.


  16. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for stopping in and thank you for the lovely comment.

    I'm really looking forward to your take on the topic.