Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Dirt We Never Saw

As others have said during this cycle, I'm not really all that dirty with my writing. Hell, it took me until my mid-30s to start understanding how people work. I'm in love with the intensity that comes from one-on-one, male-on-female nookie. Vanilla or tainted vanilla, when written strongly, is deeply touching to me.

It would probably SHOCK people to learn that I'm also quite partial to girl-on-girl action. I know, they really broke the mould when they made Willsin!

So I thought I'd make my post about the dirtiest stories I never wrote. Ideas I had when I considered climbing aboard the pseudo-incest train back in 2012. And hey, who says I won't end up flagging down the taxi and chasing that trend some day? Maybe these titles well get polished up and put out at some point.


Gang Bang, You're Dad
This one was going to be the story of a barely-legal woman who attends her first group sex session, only to find out one of the participants was her step-father. I hadn't developed the intricacies of the concept, but there would be masks a-plenty, and one in particular was to end up being shoddily fastened. Can we guess whose?


Uncle Sandwich
I was playing on the idea of "a knuckle sandwich" with the title, but the concept would be kinda obvious just from reading it. I hadn't decided, from memory, if it was to be an MFM or MMM story, but either way, I don't know that it was going to be a tough one to grasp.


Baker's Cousin
Again, the synopsis part of this one was pretty light-on for details. A baker and his cousin getting friendly in an inappropriate manner. I did make a note that there would be plentiful kneading, so that's something I suppose. I'm sure there would have been all kinds of double-entendres and puns related to "rising" and "cream" and "buns". Maybe I would have called the cousin Martha and he could have told her, "you have a delicious muffin, Martha". Which would most assuredly have dated me.


Have A Niece Day!
Hmm...the complexities of this concept are so interwoven and subtle it's almost impossible to fathom exactly what it could be about. I guess potentially it could be the same story as Uncle Sandwich, only told from the men's point of view. One part of the small concept I'd written down included some references to France. Specifically that the heroine might have been born over there, and possibly in the city of Nice, which would have allowed a little bit of delicious homophonic action.


So there we have it. My four dirtiest stories that I never wrote.


  1. If nothing else, Willsin, you've demonstrated your talent for pun-full titles!

  2. I agree with Lisabet, I love the titles.

    I hadn't thought about incest stories being dirty. Messing with taboos, sure, but does that automatically put things into the dirty list? Maybe it does. Yet another illustration of how little consensus there is when it comes to dirty sex.

  3. Hah! Re: Gang Bang--Check out "Half Masked", now in Flash Daddy.