Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I wanted to be uber witty today, because I like to think I am an amusing person. But when deciding which of my non-stereotypical characterization processes to write about I realized...I don't have any processes. None at all really.

I don't create character sketches (I know, the HORROR!) I create stories. Then I pick characters that fit my story, I don't build the story around the people. I think I do okay. There are definate "trends" to my characters. My heroines are always kick ass, smart, and funny. The heroes are always hot, a little broody, and completely smitten with their counterpart.

Brynn touched on secondary characters yesterday. I have problems with secondary characters. Mainly, I don't have many of them. They gay guys always seem to get a younger sister in which to confide in. The women may have one friend who is massive comic relief, but other than that my stories focus on the TWO.

As I said, I don't create character outlines. They act and talk in the book like they act and talk in my head. If they do something stereotypical I don't make a point of pulling it out of the book. They are people like the rest of us. Sometimes cops eat donuts...I'm just sayin'.

Dakota Rebel


  1. I do the same. I have one gay guy who is slightly more feminine than his partner. His insecurities came through loud and clear!

  2. Heh. Cops eat donuts... I like that one.

  3. Sometimes the stereotype works. However you build your characters and stories, it seems to be right for you, so keep it up!

  4. I'm reading a Dakota Rebel book right now in which there are 5 (FIVE!!!) secondary characters. I know. I counted them :-)

  5. LOL. You counted them cause you can't freakin' believe it right? ;)

    And I would like to point out that one of those secondary a little sister.

    I will admit I am getting better at world building. The more I write the more I realize more than two (or three or four or five) main characters have to exist in order for the main ones to have a life.



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