Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who thinks up this stuff?

I have a confession to make. I am the one that came up with this topic. And I picked it awhile ago. Back when I was working on a mainstream book. That stalled. Because this book was out of my comfort zone I figured it would be great to blog about my progress and how you have to push through barriers and try new things and blah, blah blah. And then...well I stopped working on it completely and don't really have any desire to. I don't want to push through anything. I don't want to try new things. I want to stick with what I am good at and produce quality (not to mention saleable) work.

So I am going to take a turn on my own topic. Not a full reversal, more of a slight curve. When I started writing erotica I wrote M/F. My first two books were M/F. Then I thought perhaps I could maybe throw another M in there. So I wrote M/M/F. It was fun, if a little different for me. I liked the story and so did my publisher and editor. So I ended up writing a M/M/M/F. And that one was pretty good too if I do say so myself.

But round about seven months later I got an itch. An itch to write something I had never dreamed of attempting. And this itch wouldn't go away. In fact, it turned into a full blown annoyance of hive proportions keeping me awake at night with it's need to be written. So fine. I wrote it. "Mitch" was the first M/M I'd ever attempted. And before it was even finished I was invited to join in a lovely M/M anthology called Naughty Nooners. So I whipped up "Raven" then went back to "Mitch." I loved Mitch. I loved him so much that I had a hard time letting go of him when the book was done. I didn't want to write about other boys. There was only Mitch and other boys could go to hell.

Of course, I am a writer. And this is not how we work. I got a new itch. And "To Hate and To Hold" was born. I fell even harder in love with Ethan and Jamie than I had been with Mitch.

So what is my freakin' point already? Well I don't know. But I suppose I can leave you with this:

If you are a brave and talented person, feel free to step outside your comfort zone and write about whatever the hell you want to. If you are like me, a little scared to change drastically, you can always take a slight curve and write the genre you already know you're good at in a different way than you have been doing it in the past. You may just find that your comfort zone stretches further than you thought it did.

Dakota Rebel


  1. Great post, Dakota. Stretching boundaries can be a challenge, but very rewarding when you can pull it off successfully.

  2. So though you didn't finish that project that was outside your "comfort zone", you did learn some useful things when you tried. Excellent!


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