Monday, February 16, 2009

Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

By Jamie Hill

By Detective Sam Nielson

Carrying a badge comes with certain benefits. Jamie had this dumbass blog entry scheduled about ‘my favorite genre’ and I couldn’t freaking stand it.

Select, Copy, Delete.

Takes care of that. I am Jamie’s favorite genre and I’m sure I’m her favorite hero ever. (Nothing wrong with my ego.) I’m taking over the blog because I need to talk.

My name is Sam Nielson and I’m a detective in the New York Police Department. Oh, and in case I forget to mention it, I’m gay. This will make much more sense if you know that. My two best friends and I met in the police academy twenty years ago. If you read my buddy Nick D’Amato’s story, Dancing in the Dark, you know this part. Bear with me, because I tell a much better story than that fuckwad D’Amato.

In those days, cadets weren't as closely supervised. Hell, it was probably me, Nick, and our other pal Gil who caused them to tighten rules at the police academy. Training is one thing, being on the job is totally another. In the NYPD, the policy has always been a don't ask, don't tell kind of thing. A few of my co-workers know I’m gay. They also knew I’m a damned good cop, so it’s really not an issue.

Finding another gay guy at the academy was amazing. Nick and I had some great times. When we met Gil, and got comfortable with each other, the three of us had weekend orgies at a nearby hotel. We were three young studs, able to go at it repeatedly, for hours. Those were the days, my friend.

Eventually, our time at the academy ended. We each went our separate ways, deciding our friendship was more important than lust. Over the years we’ve become closer than any of us dreamed possible. Sometimes our jobs bring us together, but if not, we have a standing date every other Friday night at Houlihan’s, a cop bar in the Bronx.

We were there when I first spotted him. Neatly buzzed black hair, light brown Hispanic skin, muscular body and a face that could launch a thousand hard-ons. Bobby Rodriguez. He was a new transfer to my very own unit, Fort Apache. He knew who I was. I thought I’d seen him somewhere. I’ll never forget him again.

We were assigned a case together right off the bat. I guess I was kind of an asshole. He thought I had problems working with a gay cop, and said he’d ask to be reassigned. My jaw coulda hit the floor. I explained, with a lump in my throat, that the only problem was the hard-on he’d caused from the moment I’d met him. It wasn’t any better, sitting in a car next to him. I was screwed. Or soon would be. Heh heh heh

He surprised me again when we got back to my place. Bobby asked if I liked things a little kinky. I told him I really didn’t know. He asked if I trusted him. I knew the answer to that one—yes. With the swift movement of a trained police officer, Bobby pulled a set of handcuffs from his back pocket and snapped one ring around my wrist. He gazed at me and smiled. "Glad to hear you say that. Because I'd never hurt you—much."

A tingle of excitement ran down my spine. I should have been afraid, but for some reason I wasn’t. Maybe I was ready for a little kink in my life.

My full story releases today from Phaze Books. Born to Run is book two in the Phaze Rocks: Streets of Fire Series. Oh, in case I forgot to mention it, my friends and I are addicted to Springsteen. His old stuff, circa seventies and eighties. Some things just can’t be improved upon. On the other hand, my new Master, Bobby, has shown me that some things can.

Stay outta trouble,

~ Sam


  1. Hi Sam,

    Can't wait to see how you and Bobby get along. Nick and Will got over their obstacles, so I'm sure the two of you will work things out.

    Will you ask Jamie a question? How hard is it to write from a male perspective. Just curious.


  2. Sam, how did you get Jamie to let you in here? Don't tell me you threatened her or I'll get angry.

    I've got to assume this is HER favorite genre, at the moment. LOL

    Great post, sir.


  3. Hey Donna,

    Damn, is that a real picture of you? If anyone could make a guy go straight- you'd be the one. *wink*

    Jamie says I should quit flirting with her friends and tell you that writing from a guy's perspective is a blast. Guys swear a lot and use words like 'tits' that might make some women blush...heh heh heh

    She likes crawling around inside a guy's head so much that even in her menage stuff, she's usually writing from the male POV.

    Personally, I find it kind of creepy that she knows what I'm going to say. Sheesh!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    ~ Sam

  4. Hey Jude,

    Don't get your panties in a bunch. Jamie and I do this 'threaten and give in' thing- we both kind of dig it, I think. She's a lot kinkier than I realized!

    I'm definitely her favorite--genre, that is. There's some guy named Ethan she's pretty hung up on, she keeps talking about him, anyway. As long as he stays at his own publishing house, we'll be fine.

    *folds arms across muscular, naked chest*

    Catch you later, babe.

    ~ Sam

  5. Hey, Sam,

    What did you do with Jamie? Is she handcuffed somewhere? (he he!)

    Have to admit that I love Springsteen too. "Thunder Road" will bring a lump to my throat every time. "Have a little faith, there's magic in the night..."

    Actually that would make a great title.

    Have fun...


  6. Ah, well, I'm back. I love Springsteen's early stuff, obviously enough to make a series out of three of the titles.

    Jude and I have another Phaze Rocks series starting in March, based on Bon Jovi titles. The series is 'Slippery When Wet" ... LOL

    I guess I'll stick to blogging the regular way. I tried to be inventive and no one seemed interested.

    Thanks for popping in!


  7. Hi Jamie (and Sam),

    Awesome post. The new book sounds great.

    I'm sure people are just too busy reading about Sam to work out what to say to him in a comment, lol.

  8. Thanks Kim. The first book in the series was a best seller, so I have high hopes for this one.

    Can't wait to read your post this week...heh heh heh

    Thanks for commenting,



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