Monday, June 22, 2009

I like the view from inside, thanks

By Jenna Byrnes

I never was the outdoorsy type. Sure, as a kid, we did the usual camping, boating, swimming thing that people do when they live near a lake. I liked it well enough then, of course I didn't have to do any of the work. Dad set up the camp and did the outdoor cooking, mom cleaned up after us and did the rest of the cooking. I had older siblings who were probably in the trailer helping mom wash dishes. I just remember swimming all day, and sitting around by the campfire making s'mores and playing cards into the evening.

One night I remember sitting in the car after being roused by dad in a raging thunderstorm. Six of us and a dog piled into a rocking car and watched through flashes of lightning as our pontoon boat got picked up from one side of the cove and was returned, upside down, on the other side. We were fine, the trailer was good, but that boat was toast. The next day we went cove-diving for lawn chairs and whatever else had sunk to the murky bottom, and the boat shop came and towed away our pontoon. One of those memories I won't ever forget.

As an (older) teenager, I spent time outside with my friends but I never did acquire the art of, as one friend called it, 'pissing in the wind'. When we'd drink enough beer I'd make her drive me to an outhouse to take care of business. She did it, but she always scoffed. All she needed was a private spot and a tissue- and I think the tissue was optional.

The appeal of outdoor sex also passed me by. It was never a fantasy of mine, and I can't recall writing about it except for in the shifter series that Jude and I have (which is not really the same, since those guys live outdoors anyway.)

These days, I don't enjoy spending a lot of time outside. Allergies are mostly under control, but they're still miserable. Mosquitoes, wasps, chiggers, and flies seem to love me. I could do without them. We have a nice yard, and had enough foresight to create nice kids to take care of it.

When I want to see nature I'll look out the window. Who am I kidding? My blinds are usually drawn. I'll turn on the TV or the computer. *G*


  1. lol! I'm not a big outdoors-y person either. But I did once have sex outdoors and in public. So I feel I've made the initiation rites. Does a person have to be young to do things that crazy?

  2. Sigh, you mean this trip up the mountain is off? ROFL!

    This goes back to, 'we're all different, and that difference is what makes humanity amazing'

    Okay, do you think I have a chance of coaxing you out onto the pier for the best ice cream cone in the province?


  3. Hi Andrea,

    I think sometimes people get crazier as they get older, in some ways. Still, I do like my matress. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hi Jude,

    Not sure about up the mountain, but I'd go just about anywhere for ice cream! hee hee hee

    Hope your day goes well!


  5. Sex outside can be really fun. If you want to try any of them again or for the first time, try that. It's the best of the bunch and I actually really do love the outdoors. :0)

  6. Connie,

    You nature lover, you! Who knew?

    Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Your childhood sounds a lot like mine. I grew up camping, canoeing, shooting rapids, biking, etc. Never really did consider myself an outdoorsie person though. My dad was great about dragging us along on these trips, but lousy about teaching us what we were doing!

    As for sex outdoors? Meh, I can take it or leave it, and I guess I'll explain why later this week.

    Fun post!

  8. Jenna, you have to understand my family.... By the time I was 16 my my mom had told me you can make it on the seat of a bike (not my dad I guarantee) so a little experimenting is in the blood. GRIN

  9. Hi, Jenna,

    You're cracking me up!

    Your thunderstorm story reminded me of the time my hubby and I were traveling in New Zealand. We had a camper van, one of those incredibly unstable things with the pop-up top, and were parked for the night in Mount Cook National Park. A huge storm blew up. We could feel the van rocking back and forth in the wind, and were really terrified it would tip over. But we had nowhere else to go, no car to hide in.

    THEN I had to go to the outhouse... LOL! I came back drenched. (But the van did manage to say upright!)

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Helen,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll be interested to read your post!


    Glad you survived the storm in your pop up trailer, that would have been scary. I'll never forget my dad herding all of us to the car, four kids, two parents...we got in, drenched, and sat there for a few minutes. Then, without speaking, my dad ran out again. When he returned, he had our shaking toy poddle under his jacket. In the rush to get the kids, we'd forgotten the dog. Her name was Baby, BTW, so you can imagine how spolied she was. They probably spent the next week making it up to her with treats or something. LOL

    Funny memories.



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