Saturday, June 27, 2009

Banging Away in the Great Outdoors

By Faith Bicknell-Brown

“Look, honey! There’s a couple having sex on the balcony across from our window!”

When I was about 18, I was at a local park where there was a manmade beach. I swam past a couple who were in the middle of sex. I didn’t know this at first, but as I dogpaddled by, their movements and soft noises made it clear what they were doing.

It embarrassed me to pieces; I suddenly grew flippers and got the hell out of there.

Over the years, I’ve bumped into couples who were doing the dirty deed in dark hallways of bars or in parking lots, and, as I got into writing for men’s magazines, I used some of the ideas these encounters inspired to write fiction that sold well. Heck, I’ve even fictionalized a couple of my personal experiences.

So what is it about sex outdoors that is so enticing? Is it the chance of getting caught? Maybe it’s just the idea of someone watching as you do the oingo-poingo.

What? You’ve never boinked outside? Why not? Are you afraid?

Regardless of whether or not you’re one who has or hasn’t enjoyed outdoor sex, the thrill of getting caught is a heady sensation. Those whom I’ve spoken to about having sex in the great outdoors also state that the bare sensation, your butt on a flat rock, in grass, or on a sandy beach as the wind or water caresses your skin serves to heighten the feeling spiraling through the body as you reach for the big boom.

Hmm...there might be some truth in that theory, but perhaps it’s merely that outdoor sex awakens something primeval within us. After all, our ancestors were whacking one another over the head as they chose the man or woman they wanted and then bent him or her over a boulder or a log. {Damn, that bark’s rough!} Or maybe humped against a tree as the dinosaurs roamed in the distance. (Ouch! Who let those giant red ants out? Now my butt’s gonna be three times bigger. Oh, no. I know that look you Neanderthal beefcake. My hoohaw’s already chafed from all the bark!) So is it instinct that awakens within us when making love outdoors?

I really don’t know, but it would be cool to ask the dinosaurs what they saw going on in the bushes. No! Not those bushes! Sheesh.

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Curious about outdoor sex? A Taste of Ecstasy is full of stories where sex happens in wild places and the chance of getting caught in the act is almost guaranteed. Some of these stories appreared in a few of the men's mags I've written for, but have been revised. One involves a strawberry patch, another a candy cane in a subway car, another in a titty pink Cadillac. And if you like a good laugh, this title is full of zany humor.

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Thanks so much, Faith, for sharing your take on our topic this week.


  1. Hello, Faith,

    Welcome to the Grip, and thanks for sharing your insights on sex in the rough!

    I don't know about the fear of being seen or discovered. Most of the outdoor sex that I've had was in pretty remote areas. But as they say, different strokes...

    Thanks again for joining us.


  2. Hello Faith!

    Welcome to the grip. Good post.

    I don't think I'm afraid of having sex outside. I just don't have the karma . . .


  3. Hi Faith,

    Thanks for being a guest at the Grip today! You do have a way with words, LOL- zany is a good description!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. Hi Faith,

    Great post. Funny and sexy and oh my Gawd I laughed.

    Thanks so much for joining us on the Grip!


  5. Thanks for having me here, and I'm glad you like my humor. Life's too short and too serious as it is, so a good laugh is always in order.

  6. I do think there is an element of getting caught involved. I know we were busted by my best friend in the desert and on a car.

  7. I think the wind and the grass are a big turn on. I've never been in place where getting caught was an issue, but outside? Hell yeah. Let's hear it for the back forty!


  8. The stories I could tell... (grin) Yeah, in my younger days, I was quite the wild thing (ergo, Wild Child in Wild Child Publishing). Now, my hubby is very, um, modest. My days of outdoor sex might be done. (sigh) LOL


  9. Thanks for commenting, everyone! And I'll be sure to put an announcement with this link in one of my mini newsletter updates too.

  10. Faith, thanks for sharing. It made me smile and laugh. Though I never had sex before. Can I say that here?


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