Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wish you were here

by Jude Mason

Ah vacations. Those tiny spaces of time where you can race off to some foreign place and act the fool, or the sexy nymph, because no one there knows you. Sigh! Yeah, I do love vacation time.

The times I've camped out in the wilderness and gone skinny dipping or laid out in the sun nude to get that 'all over tan' are so numerous I won't even dare to guess. I adore the freedom and that wicked feeling of doing something that most people wouldn't dare. Of course, I'm always pretty darned sure there's no one else within miles and clothing or shelter is within reach, usually. A new town or city, checking out the night life is always so much more fun when you're dressed in something sexy, don't you think? Dining out at a restaurant you've never gone to before, knowing you'll never go there again really does leave the doors open for some sexy play. Oh, there's this book coming out soon with a story called Maximum Exposure that's going to be in it. A very sexy couple are very into exhibitionism...well one of them is and the other is trying to show he is too. An excerpt you say? Well sure thing. Here's a little something from a story Jenna Byrnes and I have coming out soon:

“This way, please.” The man turned and walked into the dimly lit dining room.

They followed him, Max behind Rob. It took a moment for Rob’s eyes to become accustomed to the muted lighting, but when they did, he smiled. The smallish room appeared less than half full, and most of the tables held couples sharing a meal.

The man guided them to a corner where a dark green, velvet curtain partially shielded an alcove. The linen-covered, round table had a bench seat running along the back. Tall candles in crystal holders sat in the centre of the table, and while they watched, the maĆ®tre d’ lit them.

The man stepped aside and bowed. “I hope this will be satisfactory.” He placed the menus on the table.

“This will be fine.” Rob slid into the secluded semi-cave. He felt the cushion shift and knew Max slid in right behind him.

“May I get you gentlemen something from the bar?”

“Beer for me. Coors,” Rob answered. He looked around their small sanctuary. His heart raced. Perfect. Once the curtain was drawn, they’d have complete privacy.

“Same,” came Max’s reply. He moved closer to Rob, their thighs bumping each other.

“Very good,” the man said and backed away. He unfastened the gold tie securing the drapery open and held it as he said, “Your waiter, Kenneth, will be with you in a moment.” He let the curtain fall into place

Rob nodded and turned his attention to Max. “I like it.”

“It’s perfect for our needs.” Max reached up and slipped a hand behind Rob’s neck, drawing him forward into a kiss. Their lips melted together. Soft, wet tongues flicked out and found each other, the lingering taste of spunk still coating Rob’s.

“Mmm, yeah,” Rob groaned into his lover’s mouth. “I’m hard already.”

“Lean back and let me get at your fly.” Max pushed him until Rob leaned against the soft cushion. An instant later, Max’s hands were at Rob’s groin, nimbly unfastening his trousers.

With them unbuttoned and the zipper whirred down, Max’s fingers delved into their warm confines. He pushed Rob’s underpants aside, and in no time at all, Rob’s shaft felt the tug and squeeze of a familiar hand. His dick pulsed its welcome, and Rob sighed his pleasure.

“Lift your bum,” Max urged and gave the unfastened trousers a tug.

“The waiter’ll be here in a minute,” Rob said, nervously.

“So?” Max winked and gave another tug. “The table cloth will cover you. Just lift your ass.”

Fear clutched at Rob’s heart, but a surge of excitement sent a shiver of lust racing straight to his cock. He did as requested, his cotton-clad rod butting against the underside of the table in his eagerness to comply with Max’s wishes. He thrust down his trousers, taking his underpants along with them. His erection caught on the waistband, but just for a delicious second before it sprang free. The chill air enveloped him, and the drop of pre-cum anointing his crown cooled instantly. He settled down on the seat and shuddered at the unfamiliar feeling of the material.

Suddenly, in a heart stopping move which sent terror down Rob’s spine in a flash, the waiter drew the curtain aside. He stood in the opening, all six-foot plus of rugged man-flesh that at any other time would have encouraged a lusty look or two from both Rob and Max. In one hand, he balanced a tray holding two chilled beer mugs filled with golden brew.

Rob’s face burned with embarrassment. He clutched the tablecloth to his groin, terrified the man could see his erection and guess what they were doing. For a moment, he couldn’t catch his breath and thought he’d simply die right there, cock tapping on the table.

“Good evening. I’m Kenneth, your waiter. Here are your beers.” The hunk’s voice sounded calm and unsuspecting. “Have you had time to decide what you’d like from the menu, or should I come back in a few minutes?”

Come back? My God, he can’t come back!

Sigh, now doesn't that sound like a great way to have dinner? Keep your eyes open for this at Total E-Bound in their Friction Anthology

Another story I have might be just the bit of encouragement you need to try this yourself. An artist cojoled into painting a lady friend is excited by her then led out into the afternoon light during carnival. A snippet of Paint Me, one of my all time faves:

"No, cher, that's not quite what I had in mind. I think we'll go out first, then I'll fuck you."

She let his suggestion wrap around her thoughts. Teasing her, he moved his hips back and forth, leaving a sticky trail of pre-come along her painted thigh. With a twist of her hips, she trapped the shaft between her buttocks, making him groan.

"Yes, let's go out first. Fuck me out there."

He showered and dressed quickly, and in only moments was ready to go, dressed in his usual jeans and loose, unbuttoned shirt. The humidity and heat didn't ease with nightfall; the music and laughter grew louder as the festival wore on. Costumes grew more daring and the dancing more sensual and hot.

Cat-like, she preceded him, darting from one alley to the next, dancing when she felt the need or desire, taking pleasure as if it were a drug. She slaked her thirst for sensation as often as she pleased, gyrating and thrusting against men or women. Heated flesh rubbed heated flesh in the wild attempts of others to draw her in and keep her. He joined when he wished, watched and smiled when she went crazy on her own. Carnival had her now and all he could do was follow, and share it with her when she came to him.

Hours later, nearing exhaustion, the alley called to her, dragging her into its dark recesses and him behind. Alone, hot and frenzied, they surrendered to their lust. Animal passion unleashed; he wrapped his hand in her fine long mane and held her against the rough, stone wall. She snarled and thrust herself in his direction; her need, held at bay for too long.

"Come on, fuck me," she growled over her shoulder. Swiveling her hips, she spread her feet and pushed her ass towards him. His fingers slipped between the folds of her sex and plunged straight inside her. She gasped at the sought after intrusion and clenched tightly around his finger, as he explored her depths. The slickness of her silken core and its heat were an invitation for more.

There are always opportunities for a little time out. Even if it's just an evening where you and your lover go for a drive to the next town for a show. Remember how much fun it was when you were young and your lover of the month sat with you at the back of the theater? The fumblings and secret touches were always the sweeter for the extra taste of naughty. Don't you think? The excitement of 'what if someone sees' always got my motor running a little faster. Yes, I know, I'm possibly a perv, but what can I say?

Anyone have a story they'd like to share? Perhaps a place you and a lover shared a moment of passion while the neighboring campers barbecued a dozen feet away? A tryst in the backseat of the old Ford at the riverside? An evening of secret play while the band played on? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. I remember, a while ago, when you sent me an email telling me you'd had a great idea for a short story that involved body painting. You'd seen a news item that featured the subject and you were very excited about what you could do with the subject.

    I see you used the inspiration well ;-)

    Great post,


  2. Hi Ash,

    Yes, I remember the news article very well. Funny how 'stuff' grabs you and becomes part of some story, or the main theme of on.

    Thanks so much for stopping in!


  3. Hey Jude!

    Sounds like fun. Hey, good luck with your story.


  4. Hi Garce,

    Thanks so much for stopping in.


  5. Lover of the month? Wow, I lived a sheltered life. *G*

    Great post Jude.

    Oh, wait! I can walk in the next room and tell you that!

    hee hee hee

    Having a blast on vacation,


  6. Funny. The best vacation sex I ever had was at my parents' house. We locked ourselves in the bedroom while they sat with the kids watching TV. Kids were too engrossed with Sponge Bob and Mom and Dad had their hearing aids off, so nobody knew what we were up to ;)

    Fun post, Jude!

  7. Hi, Jude,

    Trust you to turn a post about vacations into an exploration of exhibitionism!


  8. Helen,

    You're just bad...LOL I love it! Thanks so much for the morning chuckle


  9. Jenna,

    Yes, you could have, and I could fill a pail with ice water and dump it on you this morning. Lazy woman is still in bed. Sheesh!

    We're breaking temperature records here nearly every day. Too hot to do much, but we're enjoying each others company for sure.


  10. Lisabet,

    Nothing wrong with a lil friendly exhibitionism. I just remembered an incident on a tiny island on a vacation years ago. It turned out to be the inspiration for one of my first femdom stories. Ideas truly do come from anywhere.



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