Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shiver with Fright...or Delight

by Jude Mason

Terror and erotica, the two can definitely go hand in hand. A perfect topic for this time of the year, don't you think?

You may remember me telling you about my Roses. Roses Have Thorns and in this book, they do. Think of a young woman. She's out on her own, unable to find a decent job and thus turns to a life of prostitution. Sure, she's heard the stories about girls being mugged, raped, or worse, but it can't happen to her, right? Or can it?

A storm drenches the city, the johns aren't out, it's too miserable for them. Yet Rose is on her stroll. The rent has to be paid, food bought, she needs the money to survive.

A car approaches and a flash of warning makes her stop, but only for a second. It's cold, she's freezing. The car promises a warm haven if only for an hour or two.

Can you feel your heart racing for my Rose?

Can you imagine the fear she must feel every time she approaches a stranger in a dark car?

Here's a snippet of what happens to my lovely, sexy Rose:

A few short hours later, Rose was no more. In her place was a mindless, mutilated wretch. Naked, almost dead, she crawled. Not feeling the torrential rain or the cold wind, she inched forward. Blood ran in tiny rivulets from the many cuts decorating her too-white flesh and was washed away by the downpour. More trickled from her lacerated sex, and poured from her torn rectum. Several teeth were loose, one in the front gone, lost during her futile attempt to break free. Tears streamed from her eyes, both blackened and swollen almost shut.

Finally, her strength failed. She collapsed. Laying unconscious next to the dumpster, her body gave up. When her spirit fled, something entered and took control of the horrendously abused shell that had been Rose.

No one saw the convulsions that tore at the broken, skeletal frame. No one saw her shudder and rise to a sitting position. And, no one heard the mewling whimpers that spewed like demon-honey from her throat as the pain blossomed and grew, then inexplicably faded. Her eyes, somehow wide and staring, shone much too brightly in the gaunt pale face. And when she smiled, it was as if her face had split. A jagged snagle-toothed grimace, while she maniacally stared at nothing. There was no joy there, just a terrible quest for vengeance.


Do you still feel sorry for her? Or perhaps the man who did this to her is the one who should fear.

Then there are the ghosts who bring nothing but pleasure. Ghost of a Chance was one such story. A little shiver at the right moment, a mouth...or what felt like one. There goes that racing heart again...

"Open your legs again. Let me suck you," a deep, masculine voice whispered from inside his mind—from between his legs. Where?

He eased his knees apart, pushing his toes against the bundled sheets, spreading his legs comfortably wide. Cool bedding against his inner thighs sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine. He pushed his hands down his thighs, around to the inside then back up, hands again going to his sac.

"Yeah," he murmured, more asleep than awake. His balls shifted, and he moaned. Felt good. Sleep reached for him, drawing him into its quiet embrace.

A mouth, that man's he was sure, engulfed the head of his cock. He didn't have to move, he knew it, trusted his knowing. Simply laid back and enjoyed the wet suckling of his glans and the tongue delving into the oozing slit. His ass cheeks clenched. Butt cheek rubbed against butt cheek. Anus itched. He wanted—something.

The face was there, the dark eyes peering up at him. Amused, teasing.

His cock pulsed, the head battering at the back of his throat, that man's throat. Swallowed, squeezed, released, deliciously squeezed again on its way into his gullet.

Firmly, his balls caressed, pulled on, milked by the expert touch of another man. Only another man could know how to pull only so far, until a bare hint of pain itched at his inner thighs.

A finger slipped back between is ass cheeks, searching, delving, for the dark, moist hole nestled between his glutes. He knew it. Knew it as surely as he knew he was about to fill that mouth with a load of cum. Touched, pressed against, the relaxed ring accepting, welcoming the digit slowly eased inside.

Groaning, he flexed his butt, his excitement growing yet still he slumbered. A dream, he knew it had to be a dream, and even thinking it made him doubt. The groan came from some distance, couldn't be from him.

"Yes, you like this. You always liked it up the ass," the smooth masculine voice crept into his sub-conscious, pushing his excitement up a notch.

He wanted to shift, to push his hips up, to bury the deliciously wicked digit deeper into his hungry ass. Sweat trickled down his ribs. He felt that, or dreamed it.

"My sweet Daniel, let me fuck you the way we both love it," the voice droned.

Robert knew it was wrong, somehow, but he didn't want it to end. It'd been so long since he'd had anyone, and the sensation was driving him insane. He gripped the sheets, then fought to relax his hands. Who was Daniel?

The intruding finger probed a little deeper, finding the nut-sized prostate gland all too eager and ready to be stimulated. His cock throbbed, wetness touched his stomach.

He pulled his legs up, his knees towards his chest. Asleep, he had to be asleep.

Filled, his ass stretched, the opening pressed against, the membrane taut as something wet and slick and beautifully hard slid inside him. Again, the head of his cock engulfed in smoothness, pulsed.

Close, he was so damn close, his blood raced. His fingers and toes clenched. He wanted to scream. He ached to thrust. He trembled with the desire to grab and hold, and touch, and he knew he was alone.

Do you think fear, terror can add to the excitement? I'd love to know!


  1. Erotica and terror are sisters, or brothers. When we are young the thought of intercourse both terrorizes and excites us.
    Some of us stay young a Long Time.


  2. Hi Jude,

    Fanastic excerpts all deliciously macabre as befits this spooky week.

    You guys are raising the bar pretty high this week.



  3. Reading what happened to Rose without actually being a 'witness' to the abuse is wonderful storytelling, IMO. Personally, I like how Rose gets her vengeance!

    And Ghost of a Chance is just a hot story!

    Thanks for sharing,



  4. For sure fear, terror, pain etc. can build excitement if used in the right proportions--just a little dab of this and the threat or promise of that and before you know it, woweeee! Yes, ma'am! I don't do BDSM, but I once had a box of strange items in a story about an antique shop that the characters found rather interesting, me, too, come to that.


  5. I must admit, I found myself wondering how things turned out for poor Rose.


  6. Hi, Jude,

    I've got to read the Rose book. It sounds much darker than most of your work, but really spot on for Halloween!

    As for Ghost of a Chance -- well, that's my kind of ghost!

    Thanks for sharing the excerpts.


  7. Jude is sick but I know she appreciates the comments and will answer when she's feeling better!


  8. the excerpt is great for a halloween week. Terror will make it exciting for a short time but as the passion is dieing down the terror will be more intesne. you don't know what can come next

    sorry for the spelling

  9. Depending on the kind of fear, it can either add to arousal or kill it entirely. What the tripping point is can be hard to say, as a lot depends on whether you're trying more to arouse or scare, or want an equal balance of both. I've found that writing horror erotica is like walking a tightrope. Too far in either direction and you fall splat on your face.

    Judging by your excerts, however, you do not seem to have a problem with that ;)


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