Friday, May 28, 2010

A party of one ...

Solo sex …

That's right, we're talking about masturbation.

For the life of me, I can't understand why some parents aren't teaching their kids more about self pleasure. I mean, let's face it. With masturbation, there isn't a chance of pregnancy, and the only STD that can come of it is if you are already infected. It's truly the only "safe sex", because we all know abstinence only just doesn't work.

We need to teach it in schools too. In addition to showing the girls how to put a raincoat on a banana, we need to be teaching them about battery operated boyfriends and how truly good to us they can be. No chance of cheating, and there isn't any worry about a two second lift-off. Only issue might be a need to buy new batteries every so often, and keeping a spare set on hand removes that problem.

Now, we all know that masturbation can be empty feeling. But it can also be entirely pleasurable, depending upon your mindset and libido. Some of the best sex of my life has come with a partner, and some of the best sex of my life has also happened while I was completely alone.

I had my first orgasm all by my lonesome, after having had sex several times. I've learned what truly pleases me, not from exploration with a partner, but from self-loving. It has allowed me to know what I like, and to guide my partner to it. I still find out things when I am by myself … which can be infinitely enjoyable to both of us when I share my discoveries.

And masturbation, contrary to some belief, isn't a fall back when sex isn't available. Sometimes, I chose it rather than sex. Sometimes, I like to watch my partner stroke himself off. And just between me and you *wink, wink* I really get off on watching a woman masturbate. Yeppers, nothing gets me hotter than seeing fingers disappear into moist, warm depths, and come back out glistening in cream.

I think that's part of why so many of my characters indulge in masturbation, for whatever reason comes up. *smiles*

Take for example Natasha, in my recently re-released The Life Not Lived. She's dealing with the aftermath of a divorce, and her realization that she had been lying to herself for years, trying to be heterosexual.

Frustrated at the way her thoughts were intruding, she forced them aside and stroked her finger over her clit, ruthlessly manipulating the ball of nerves into a shallow orgasm. Gasping at the sparks that flickered to life within her, she continued her motions, running her finger along her slit, and delving past her puffy lips. Cupping one breast with her other hand, Natasha rolled her nipple between her thumb and index finger, pinching it hard enough to sting.

Gasping at the delicious tingle it sparked, she pumped her fingers faster, grinding them hard against the thin strip of skin that covered her pelvic bone beneath her clit. As her inner muscles clenched tight, she withdrew them, returning her attention to her clit. Swirling around the taunt bud, she stimulated it to the point of pain, before she was ready to allow herself another orgasm.

Pinching her nipple hard, she arched her hips, allowing her body to crest. Natasha pulled her fingers from her panties with a soft gasp and curled onto her side.

Then there is Alisa, from Diggin' Up Bones, who is trying to come to terms with the rape she suffered, and her returning feelings for the man she loves. Scared of being hurt, she is more terrified of losing what matters the most in her life.

The water washed away her frustrations and beat at her tight muscles. She leaned back against the cool tiles and closed her eyes, allowing her hands free reign. Of their own volition, they cupped her breasts, holding the slight weight in their palms as her fingers rolled her tight nipples. She lost herself in fantasy. Zach was under the spray with her, his rough, work calloused hands holding her breasts, teasing her nipples with his thumbs as his lips pressed soft kisses along her throat.

Gliding a hand down her stomach, she paused at her belly button, tracing over the sensitive little valley, then continued. Slipping a finger past her pouting lips and dipping it into her moist core, she stroked the sensitive skin. She had been wet ever since she'd watched Zach walk across her lawn earlier, the rising sun hitting his hair just enough to bring out the deep chestnut with its natural highlights. Long-legged, his strides had eaten up the earth as he moved with purpose. He mingled with the crew, often gesturing with his hands to make his point. A fluid grace filled his movements and her body remembered well being the recipient of his caresses.

Thrusting her finger deep, she rubbed her thumb over her clit, desperately trying to take the edge off her frustrations. Zach's presence just outside her house had her emotions in turmoil, and it was only getting worse. She had almost leaned forward and kissed him at the door, she wanted his touch so badly. Just watching each of his words form on his lips had aroused her. Topped with his voice as he spoke, it had taken all her will power to turn away from him. It didn't help that despite not knowing why she'd pushed him away, he still wanted her. She saw it in his blue eyes every time he looked at her. It seemed time hadn't lessened what they felt for each other, as she had hoped. The rate it was going, a decade could go by and she would still melt into a puddle when he walked into the room.

Alternating her hand from one breast to the other, she teased and pinched her nipples while she manipulated her clit and pussy with the other. Her legs grew weak as her inner muscles tightened, trying to milk a cock that wasn't there.

Locking her legs tight, she arched her back against the shower wall as tremors raced through her. Mouth open, she gasped for air. Her insides were on fire, and in her mind's eye it was Zach's fingers driving her wild, his fingers slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy while his mouth plundered hers.

With a soft cry, a shudder wracking her body, she climaxed. Her essence leaked down her hand to wash away in the torrents of water racing down her body from the showerhead. Gasping softly, she dropped to her knees, her legs too weak to hold her. Tipping her head into the spray, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and let the water wash away her tears, as they streamed from her eyes.

Of course, who can forget the exhibitionist masturbation, a personal favorite of mine. *smile* I tried to capture this thrill in my story The Window of the Soul, which is in my Private Eyes collection that will be out soon from Phaze. (Unedited excerpt)

I angled my view back down, capturing the breathtaking sight of her fingers pulling out of her moist red pussy, shining with her essence. The musky smell of her sex floated up, teasing me, tempting me to drop to my knees and bury my face between her legs.

She thrust her fingers back in, arching her back, softly moaning as a third joined the other two. And I somehow managed to captured it on the camera, her pussy widening to accept the offering, sucking the third into her depths. Her hips writhed on the bed, until with a soft pop she pulled her fingers free and reached for the dildo, driving it into her pussy. Her other hand slipped down her body, and with an elegantly, long finger she manipulated her clit, rolling the tiny bud around.

I moved back to her side, my pussy clenching with need, as I continued taking shots. I know some of the shots were slightly out of focus, but the rest--the rest would be some of my best work. Forget farting babies, this was what I worked and slaved all day long for. To see beautiful women come apart, and to capture that moment, that intimate moment on film.

She slid her hands free long enough to grasp for the clit clamps, and our hands brushed as I reached out to grab them, to hand them to her. She let out a soft whimper as she attached the first clamp and I zoomed in, catching her fingers stroking over her other nipple, her motions as she opened the clamp up and attached it. I longed to be the one bringing her that delicious pain, attaching the gator clamps to her sensitive nipples.

Her whimpered moans drowned out the softly playing music and the whirl of the camera, as I struggled to keep up with her rapid pace as she returned her hands to her pussy. She was on fire, and I knew whoever was lucky enough to share her bed had a truly sensual being on their hands. She was sex incarnate, a living breathing Aphrodite, tempting us mere mortals with her wicked ways.

I snapped a shot of her inner thighs, glistening with her juices. I zoomed in on her breasts, shooting their rapid rise and fall, as she gasped for breath, the clamps almost obscene against her glistening skin. And as she screamed out her ecstasy, thrusting the dildo into her pussy faster and faster, I captured the look on her face on film. Her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted, her nostrils flaring. In that moment, she could have been eighteen or eighty, as her facial features smoothed out, her face completely and totally relaxed.

Some people think when you’re sleeping is when you truly have the face of an angel, but I disagree. It’s when you come that your inner radiance shines the most. There’s no artifice, no hidden emotions; it’s all there for your partner to see.

Her eyes opened and locked on mine. I licked my lips as I watched her pull the dildo form her pussy. With a soft smile she brought it to her lips and I caught it all, the tip slowly disappearing into her mouth, the hard length creamy with her pussy juice. The crotch of my panties was soaked by the time she was done sucking the dildo off, and as she trailed it back down her body, her saliva leaving a faint trail, I caught it all.

I guess there can be no doubt that I am all for masturbation, alone of with an audience (of one, or more).


  1. Whew, Michelle!

    I should have figured you had things to say when you chose this week's topic!

    I very much like your point about solo sex not necessarily being a substitute for sex with a partner.

    Very hot post!


  2. Hi Michelle,

    Saucy stuff - and an excellent insight into your take on the world's favourite pasttime ;-)

    I really enjoyed the pieces from The Life Not Lived, Diggin' Up Bones and Private Eyes.



  3. Lisabet -- Thanks. : ) It seems I hear that all too often. "Well, the wifey won't do me, so I have to do myself". WTH?! I don't look at it like a chore, quite the opposite in fact. LOL

    Ash -- Thanks hon. As we all know, I am opinionated. LOL And this is one of my hot button topics. I truly think we would be better off is we could get off of our puritanical asses and teach our teens about self-pleasure. I hate the mindset that it is dirty and something shameful.



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