Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ridiculous Barriers

For me, here in reality, the idea of sex as a sin is ridiculous. Of course it's ridiculous. It's a made up thing to make us feel bad and stop us being those monkeys that masturbate twelve times a day and have sex with each other up trees and in fields and wherever else they please.

Not that I think that without the concept of sin and shame and so on, we'd all be doing it in trees. It's just the fear of trees, isn't it? The fear that if Godly and authoritative types don't say "if you have sex in trees you'll go to hell", that's what we'll all be doing.

But really we wouldn't. Because, well...having sex in a tree is probably pretty uncomfortable. Branches sticking up your bum, bark scratching at the backs of your thighs...that sort of thing. Plus, we're not monkeys.

So poo on sin and shame and all that stuff.

That being said, in the ludicrous panoply of worlds inside my weird head, I do enjoy the idea of sex as a sin. In the modern world, there's not many of those old barriers around sex. Of course some still remain, but there are definitely not quite so many old dudes and pinch-faced ladies, telling us what we can and can't do, sex-wise (thank God, ha ha!). Which gives my head a kind of freedom, oddly, to think up those barriers for itself.

Because those nothing so fun as building up the walls, only to smash them down again.

For example, in my time as a writer I have put up the following sex obstacles for my characters:

1. Magical powers mean that if character has sex, other person will die.

2. Magical powers mean that if character has sex, he will die.

3. Magical powers mean that if character has sex with another character, both of them will die.

4. Character does not know what sex is due to horrible apocalyptic happening, and is afraid of it.

5. Character does not know how to have sex with a woman, because women ceased to exist due to horrible apocalyptic happening. (This one has been published: it's out on Monday from TEB. )

6. Character cannot have sex with other character because other character is an alien from the planet Blargon.

Of course, I've hugely oversimplified the plots of my stories (I hope!), but at their core, they do represent my fascination with things that stop sex happening. And though this fascination isn't all about sin, sin does make a heady stopper, just waiting to be overcome.

All I have to do is look at this picture:

To know that.


  1. Charlotte,

    I adore the picture of naughty Caleb. He really did seem to think that sex was a sin, didn't he?

    And don't knock monkey sex in trees until you've tried it. Those branches aren't as uncomfortable as they first look :-)



  2. Charlotte - sex in trees is all fun and games until someone gets ballsmacked by a whippy branch. Then it's BDSM.

  3. Hey Charlotte,

    Monkeys get to masturbate TWELVE times a day? I'm not sure if evolution is moving in the right direction....

    But anyway, I very much agree with you about the utility of "sex as sin" serving as a compelling conflict in a story. That is pretty much all it's good for in my opinion, except of course the pageantry, incense and costume are kind of fun--the hunk in the priest's collar being the perfect illustration!

  4. Hi, Charlotte,

    It's obstacles that make a story work. Internal or external.

    And just think about all those every day obstacles to constant sex. Like clothing!

    Just read your story in Please Sir, by the way, and LOVED it! D/s without a whip or manacle in sight.


    P.S. Okay, I want to take a poll. How many of you HAVE had sex in a tree? I wish I could answer affirmatively, but nobody ever suggested it to me...

  5. Ashley- Caleb was so, so awful. But also hot. And awful. And hot. I'm confused! And I desperately need to teach him a lesson.

    Kathleen- Hee hee!

    Donna- Yeah, it's a certain type of monkey. Bonobos, I think. And the females do it, too! And I agree, about that being all its good for. Totally agree.

    Lisabet- Exactly. I love obstacles! And thanks! I'm not a big BDSM sort of writer, so it was a real challenge to come up with something that suited me while fitting the D/s brief.

  6. I've never had sex in a tree, although the idea is intriguing. Also the idea of sex with an alien from the planet Blargon is intriguing depending on the nature and size of appendages and orifices.


  7. Speaking of monkey's in a tree ...because there are so very many good examples of things that woulod be sinful in humans ...

    There's one species of smaller monkey, goodness love 'em, that forms a committed threesome. The female has two males that are committed to her, and when she has her young, often two of them, BOTH males care for the young, despite not knowing which is the actual father. It allows her to store energy for the next round of pregnany and rearing, and provides security and care for the young.


    I just love the animal world. It really makes me question so very much about life.


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