Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello and What I'll Miss - Lily Harlem

Photograph by David Woolfall

Hey, it’s great to be here. I’m new to Oh Get A Grip! and really looking forward to getting to know you all. If you want to find out a little more about me and my work then I have a shiny new author  link (just on the right) to my website that has all the gossip about my erotic romance novels.

It sounds a bit of a morbid theme going on as I dip my feet into the OGAG! pond for the first time. Things I’ll miss… when dead! But actually, as I started thinking about it I realized that it was a good opportunity to pause and reflect on all the things I really do adore and appreciate in my life.

Without having to say it – though I will – my family of course mean everything to me and I can’t even begin to imagine not being with them. But to ponder on other things I’ll miss. Mmm… here goes…

Stories – not just writing them and reading them but also watching stories on TV or at the cinema. Chatter too, with friends, gossip, tales of wild adventures or just hearing about what other people are doing in their lives, the highs and lows, the challenges and conflicts. Maybe I’m nosy at heart, but I do enjoy immersing myself in the goings on of other peoples lives be it fictional or real.

Smells – I have a very acute sense of smell which is a blessing and a bind. Generally though it’s something I enjoy very much. The scent of herbs is one of my favourite, basil in particular. I also adore being around horses and the aroma of leather and saddle cleaner, a horse’s mane and freshly mown hay are all things I love and make me feel right at home. Also takes me back to my childhood, those farmyard scents.

Sunshine – Blue skies and fluffy clouds, a great orb of heat, oh, I love summer. The British summer gets a bad reputation but when the heavens gets it right, it is just perfect. I’ll miss the colours of a summer’s day more than anything else, my very favourite combination is in a view at the end of my lane. Picture this in horizontal layers - a white-golden sun hanging in a clear, vibrant blue sky, next a vivid yellow field of oilseed rape and then finally a lush green hedgerow dotted with buttery wild flowers. I’ll miss that scene, each spring when the crop is in full bloom I always pause and top up my memory.

Sukie – my old dog, though I think she’ll be gone before me and it will be me missing her for real. She’s a rescue dog and I’ve had her for years. Not sure what her history is, but she must have been abandoned at some point as she doesn’t let me out of her sight. She really is my shadow and constant companion, she is also  completely non-judgmental and not one for having an opinion on every single thing – I appreciate that, a  lot.

Sunday Morning – The best part of the week. Why? Because on a Sunday Mr Harlem is not at work! We get the newspapers delivered early, make a big pot of tea and lounge in bed catching up and generally having quiet, us time with no disturbances. If the phone goes we leave it, the doorbell too. Mmm, I love Sunday mornings.

I’ve just realised that all of the things I’ll miss begin with S – I wonder what that means? Sad to see them go, So happy they're all in my life? I don't know...

So what about you all, tell me what you’ll miss the most.

Lily x

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  1. Welcome, Lily!

    Gorgeous photo spread, lovely post... I'm not really a dog person but Sukie looks like a sweetheart.

    I don't think this is a morbid topic. Just an invitation for us to stop and think about what's really important.


    1. Thank you Lisabet, and for asking me to join Oh Get A Grip! I'm looking forward to lots of chatter and fun with you all.

  2. nice to meet you, Lily. thanks for the sunshine.


    1. Thanks Amanda - that picture just makes me want to put on my shades!

  3. hi Lily!

    Welcome to the grip! We're becoming a bit like an aging rock n roll band that keeps changing personnel. Lisabet and I are the old timers for how ever long that lasts. We've been around since 2009 more or less. Jean is becoming an old timer too. Things change so fast.

    We would miss all of those things wouldn't we? Sunshine and friends. And that's a very interesting tea pot. I've never seen one like that.

    Yes, you landed on kind of an odd topic, I'm not sure but i suspect it may have been one of mine. It sounds like me. Feel free to play around and experiment here. This is a very safe place to try new things.


    1. Thanks for the lovely welcome, Garce, I am really happy to be here and looking forward to all of the interesting topics that are going to come up in the coming months :-)

  4. Good to have you aboard, Lily. Your post is right on; it's those simple things that make it all worthwhile.

  5. Great pics to go with the Favourite Things you mention, Lily. I suspect that all of us have similar tastes.


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