Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My kittens-bringer of all things comforting

There are so many things I would miss if I were no longer here—my children, my granddaughter, my friends. At my age and stage in life I have accumulated so many things that are special and important to me that to pick just one was very difficult. But…I’d have to say my kittens.
My three adorable four-footed children came to live with us in 2004, just after Nefertiti, our wonderful cat, had passed away at the age of 17. Our house was so empty. All our children are out in the adult world and without Kitty the rooms seemed so empty. We finally decided we needed another little bundle of fur but somehow between home and the animal rescue shelter we ended up with three instead of one—Grace (the alpha cat), Bast (who challenges Nefertiti) and Blanca who has her own very unique personality.

From the first night in our house they slept on the bed with us, curled in a ball, bringing to us unqualified love and acceptance. It’s true cats rule but they also love unconditionally and so it was with these three.
Nearly four years ago my husband became ill and was bedridden for the last six months of his life. Bast, our tiny black kitten, sent nearly every day curled up on the pillow next to him, guarding his spirit and infusing him with love. When he passed away she began sleeping on his pillow.
And in the time since then my cats have filled a big void in my house, my life, and my heart. During the day they have their individual habits but Bast usually spends her time with me at my computer. She sits on my desk, lying on one of my t-shirts, or on my lap (making it difficult to type!) and sometimes even draped over my arms. 
When I sit in my big arm chair to watch television I have a cat in my lap and one draped over each arm of the chair.
And at night when I get into bed, they are right there with me, all three, cuddled against me, purring and assuring me that I am not alone as long as they are with me. Some nights that’s all that gets me through the dark hours.
So while I’d miss many, many things, my cats have to top the list. They live in my heart as I do in theirs.
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  1. Momma and I have two cats; who knows how many we've had over fifty years. We've also had dogs up until last year, when our 90lb, epileptic lop-eared hound passed away. (It's quite a scene when a dog that size has a siezure) Our cats sniffed around where his his bed was for weeks after, meowing, looking at us like "WTF? Where is he?" They were great friends.

  2. They are just the best, aren't they?

  3. I do miss having pets. Most of mine were dogs, with a few barn cats. Somehow the mother bear with three small cubs who just pulled down my bird feeder don't really fill the bill. My fault for not bringing the feeder inside for the night, which I generally do in the summer. I do understand how close to us animals can be, how much a part of the rhythm of our days and our spirits.

    1. Sacchi,

      Given where you live (just down the road from where I used to live!), why DON'T you have animals?

  4. Gorgeous photos, Desiree, to go along with a luscious post.

    There's nothing as comforting as a feline. Except maybe two or three.

    I couldn't stand life without cats anymore. Our two were born in the northeast but moved to Asia with us and have now settled in very comfortably.

  5. Adorable pics of your cats, Desiree!


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