Friday, June 28, 2013

The Casting Director - by Lily Harlem

Movies, now there’s a subject I enjoy. If you read my last post about things I’ll miss when I’m dead you’ll know that stories are one of my favourite things. 

But how about putting a spin on it? For once I’d love to sit on the other side of the camera, no not as an actor, I’d be rubbish at that, I’m far too shy, but as a director or a producer or even as a casting agent. Oh, yes, casting that would be fun. Getting to choose which actors played which characters.

I’ve got a few favorite actors, plenty of movie stars who I think are cute, but some I simply adore for their acting alone. I like Edward Norton, especially in Fight Club, and Antony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black – yes Brad Pitt is in both of those, looking damn fine too, but it was his co-stars who sucked me into the story. 

Edward Norton

Antony Hopkins

Also I like most things that Jennifer Anniston is in – I say most, some I’ve turned off – I think her sense of comedy timing is spot on. Sandra Bullock is another actress I enjoy watching, I watched The Proposal just the other day. She picks easy to watch stories most of the time, and the Alaskan scenery in that one – including Mr Reynolds – was damn fine! 

Ryan Reynolds

So, and this would be a biggie, who would I cast if I sold the screen rights to one of my books? It’s not ridiculous that authors get a say in that these these days, I do believe JK Rowling made the majority of the casting decisions for Harry Potter. First I’d have to pick a book though, Mmm, I’ll go with my lastest, Breathe You In. The hero in that is handsome, sexy and also, to a degree, vulnerable. I’m thinking I’d have to audition the man of the moment Henry Cavill (who by the way I have adored for years, ever since the Tudors!), Kit Harrington who plays John Snow in Game of Thrones and possibly Hugh Dancy who plays Will Graham in Hannibal. They all have the tormented hero, a little unkempt look that could work. Mmm, the possibilities…

 Henry Cavill

Kit Herrington 

Hugh Dancy

And the heroine, Katie, she’s had a tough time but ready to grab life, and Ruben, by the horns again and get on with being in the real world. She needs to be delicate yet strong. I’d see who gave the best performance at auditions between Kristen Stewart who does depressed so well (LOL), Helena Bonham-Carter, because I just know she’d put a quirky spin on the character, and perhaps even Catherine Zeta Jones – fellow Welsh girl – could give it a good shot.

 Kristen Stewart

 Helena Bonham-Carter

Catherine Zeta-Jones

I suppose then it would be a case of throwing all of the actors and actresses together to see if there was any chemistry, wow, wouldn’t that be a fun party, the Oh Get A Grip gang should definitely go and hang out!

Thanks for reading.

Lily x


  1. Hi Lily-
    What a fun post. You've named some of my favorites, although I'm not familiar with some of the younger ones, except in passing. Have to say that I am happy that my fantasy Katherine-Zeta-Jones is married to an admitted and committed cunnilinguist.

    1. Thanks Daddy!

      Yep, Catherine is great, and in fact grew up just down the road from me, as did Anthony Hopkins. Seems Wales produces some good 'uns!

  2. Hi, Lily! Definitely a fun take on the topic!

    I once wrote a letter to Phil Harvey, the owner of Adam & Eve, suggesting that he should make an adult film based on RAW SILK. He never answered ;^( But I still think it would make blockbuster. Lots of plot action, exotic scenery and of course tons of juicy sex!

    But who would I cast? Natalie Portman as Kate, I think - but she'd have to dye her hair red. For Gregory, maybe Daniel Sunjata or better still, Jake Gyllenhaal, since the book includes frequent references to his piercing blue eyes. For Somtow? Maybe half-Thai/half-American Ananda Everingham. And I definitely want Brendan Fraser as David, Kate's American lover.

    Of course none of these actors would be caught dead in a story with so much sex...!

  3. Yeah.... And Katherine-Zeta-Jones' tush! Do they grow 'em that way in Wales? Maybe a trip...?

  4. Great pics, Lily, and I agree with you about who would be good in what. Lisabet, it's unfortunate that you didn't even get an answer. Several of your novels would make good movies. (If necessary, the sex could be played down and the plot could be played up.)

  5. BTW, Lily, since you seem to be less than 6 degrees of separation from Catherine Zeta-Jones, is it true that she has some non-Welsh roots? My Chilean spouse is convinced that Ms. Z-J is part-Latina (which would explain her ageless glamour, of course). :)


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