Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Milder Shade of Naughty by Suz deMello

I'm quite debauched tonight.

I made pot brownies and licked the bowl.

I drank red wine and ate Spanish cheese with walnuts.

The brownies are out of the oven, their aroma infusing the house. Irresistible. Their destiny and that of the mint chip are intertwined.

I will leave lights on. I will read a Regency romance.


  1. I find eating it is a different drug than smoking. Whhittt-whhhhhhittt. Was that Manchego cheese by any chance? he says, holding his breath.

  2. Every time I read this I think for an instant that you're talking about the density of the brownies, not the destiny. Mmmm, I love dense chewy brownies. Alice B.'s recipe?

    1. Ghirardelli's boxed brownies with a few additions of my own (sly smile).

      The debauchery continued. I ate a brownie before I went to sleep. I had one with coffee the next day (yesterday) and did not stop eating. The only time I didn't eat was when I passed out. It was quite the vacation from reality ;)

  3. Hey, Suz!

    I think this counts as flash fiction. Or maybe flash-non-fiction.

    Definitely arousing to the imagination.

  4. Sigh...sounds like a great night. Color me jealous.


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