Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Devil on my Shoulder, a photoessay by Suz deMello

Hopefully this is "fair use."

Despite decades of conscious personal growth, I still have a few demons keeping me company. 

My demons used to be:

image: Manfred Werner - Tsui


from Wikimedia Commons

Here are some of my current temptations:

photo by Steph Laing

image: Ralf Roletschek/fahrradmonteur.de

but most especially


  1. Heh heh. You do these visual thing well.

  2. Notice the devil is on Homer's left shoulder with the angel on the right? This is why when we spill salt, we toss some over the left shoulder, to get into the devil's eye and stop him from "getting us" for wasting such a valuable spice. Also, it's just another example of left-handedness being "wrong" and right-handedness being good. Adroit means dexterous, means good with things--comes from French, "le droit", or right. Gauce means clumsy, especially socially--comes from "le gauche", or left. Sinister is from "sinestre", Latin for left. OK, factoid lesson over.

    I call Facebook the bottomless vortex of time-wasting. I avoid it assiduously, only going on my personal site about once per month, and so rarely on my author site, I'm expecting them to contact me and tell me they're cancelling it for lack of use. I have it linked to my website, so whenever I do a new blog, it goes up there. Otherwise it would never get updated.

    Chocolate and red wine...happy sigh.

  3. Ah, Facebook. The monkey on my back. Or, come to think of it, the demon on my shoulder. i've resisted Twitter so far, though. Otherwise I'd never have time for any writing or editing at all, much less sleeping.

  4. I laughed out loud at your Bermuda Triangle picture! I love those dried peas also, though I wouldn't compare them to demons. They're too wonderful for that. :)

  5. Your lucky in your choice of demons, Suz.

    Except for the social media stuff. Which I've mostly escaped.

    Who are the men, btw? I don't recognize them, but I'm almost completely culturally illiterate.

    1. You shouldn't recognize them--they're ex-lovers.


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