Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monstrous Obsession

by Giselle Renarde

This fortnight's topic is personal demons. Since I'm practically perfect in every way (HA!) I guess I'll just have to post an excerpt from my demonic possession novella Monstrous Obsession.

Artemis has never relied on a man for anything. When she moves in with her biker boyfriend, she worries she’s losing her independence. The moment she sets foot inside Budd’s big house, she realizes something demonic lives there. Artemis needs help. Can she learn to accept it from the man who loves her... before it's too late?

Until Budd turned out the lights, the atmosphere in the bedroom felt safe and protected.  Once darkness had fallen, all bets were off.  He slept on his side, facing away from her, and she wished he’d roll over, take her in his arms.
Artemis had never, in her entire life, felt so alone.
On top of the aching loneliness, she knew it was watching.  She didn’t know what it was, but she sensed its presence in the room, like a haze. Not a visible mist or fog, but dense, hot energy.  The force made it hard to breathe.  And moving?  That was out of the question.  Its haunting presence held her down.
In her mind, she asked, “Who are you?  What do you want?”
She heard him laughing.  He was inside her head, hearing her thoughts and feeling her fear.  Never in her life had she felt so invaded.
“Get out of me,” she said, panicking, struggling to move. “Get out!”
The laughter grew more resonant, until it vibrated in her belly.  It wasn’t just an impression on her mind anymore.  He’d found a way inside her body.
“Get out!”
This time, instead of laughing, the creature spoke from deep inside her. “Darling, I’m just getting started.”
Just getting started?  What was that supposed to mean?
Before the monstrous entity could offer any clue, it rose from her body like morning mist burning off an open field.
And then the room went quiet.
Not an eerie quiet.  Not a scary quiet.  Just a silent night beside her boyfriend quiet.  No suggestion of anything malevolent.  The air cleared so thoroughly she wondered if she’d imagined it all.  Really, she had no reasonable proof the creature existed.  Maybe she was scared of life with Budd and Vincent, and fear created monsters in her mind.
Artemis sat up, feeling more than a little proud of herself.  She’d defeated a psychological demon.  Good for her! 
Hopping out of bed, she tossed Budd’s T-shirt over her head and went to the bathroom for a midnight pee.  Mmm… his top smelled like him, and she savoured the scent as she grabbed a wad of toilet paper.  When she wiped… well, that was weird.  Why was she so wet down there?  And not pee-wet.  Arousal wet.  It just kept coming.
Artemis gave up and walked back to the bedroom, feeling slick between the thighs.  Very weird.  Not that she had trouble getting turned on, just that her arousal was usually inspired by… well, something.
When she arrived at the bedroom door, Budd sat up against the headboard.
“Sorry,” Artemis said.  “Did I wake you?”
The atmosphere changed in an instant.  An intense dread knotted in the pit of her stomach.  The bedroom made her dizzy, like if she stepped inside she’d get swept into a vortex.
“Budd?” she called to the shadow in bed.  “Are you okay, babe?”
His eyes flashed a venomous red, and Artemis shrieked.  Her impulse was to run far, far away, but her feet wouldn’t move.  They were like blocks of concrete, trapping her in the doorway. Her heart refused to beat.  If she could just keep quiet, maybe she’d become invisible. 
The dark form leapt from their bed, and she tried to see Budd beyond it, but no… the creature closing in on her was Budd.  He heaved his huge arms around her and lifted her off the ground.
“Budd? What are you doing?”  Artemis wouldn’t normally have been afraid of her boyfriend, but this wasn’t her boyfriend. “Put me down.”
The breath on her neck blazed hot as hell.  It smelled like decomposition. Artemis kicked her feet, but no use.  Her toes didn’t even touch the floor.  This thing, whatever it was, had gotten inside Budd. It was using his massive strength against her, and she had a terrifying feeling she knew what came next.
“Stop struggling,” said a voice that wasn’t Budd’s.  Its depths resonated inside her belly, and she tried not to feel that feeling, but she couldn’t help it.  She couldn’t keep him out.  “Hold still.”
He tossed her on the bed, which should have spelled escape, but once she was facedown on the crumpled comforter, she couldn’t move.  Her muscles froze, hands on either side of her head, legs off the bed, feet on the floor.  Her ass stuck straight up in the air…
“Stop it,” she said in her mind, because the words wouldn’t come out her mouth.  “Let me go.  Let Budd go.”
She didn’t know what kind of force she was communicating with, but she knew it wasn’t good. It disregarded her plea and pulled up the hem of Budd’s T-shirt.  “Let’s get a look at your pussy.”
Budd pushed her legs so far apart her hips popped.  The hands were Budd’s, but the touch wasn’t.  She knew what it felt like when he stroked her, when he caressed her.  And it wasn’t this.
When his fingers entered her from behind, her pussy clamped.  He was rough with her.  The way he jammed those fingers—how many, two?—in her cunt made her feel like her body was public property.  It wasn’t hers anymore.  She had no say over what happened to it, what entered it.  The monster made that decision.
In her mind, he said, “You must have been waiting for me.  I’ve never felt such a wet and ready pussy.”
“Stop touching me,” she pleaded, though she still couldn’t speak.
“Why?”  The demonic voice echoed not only through her body, but around the room.  “Your nasty little snatch is begging for it.”
“Who are you?” she asked, desperately.
“Me?”  He feigned innocence.  “Why, I’m your loving boyfriend, Budd.  Don’t you recognize me, Artemis?”
“You’re not Budd,” she growled.  Why couldn’t she move?  Why couldn’t she raise her foot off the ground and kick him in the balls?  “Budd would never treat me this way.”
“No?”  The creature cackled as it removed Budd’s big fingers from between her legs.  “And I’m sure you’d never lie to your loving boyfriend.”
“Of course I wouldn’t lie to him.”  Artemis tried with all her might to escape the monster’s mental clutches, but she couldn’t move a muscle.  She couldn’t even cry.  “Let me go.  Let me move!”
The nameless monster found her pussy with… what was that?  Budd’s cock.  Yes, she recognized the sensation.  He slid Budd’s cockhead the length of her slick, wet pussy lips.  When it connected with her clit, she gasped.  She didn’t want to feel good at a time like this, but her body insisted.
“Oh god!”  She tried to bite her bottom lip, but she couldn’t even do that. “Stop it.”
“You said you were ragging,” the monster chuckled.  “I don’t see any blood between your legs.”
Artemis felt her cheeks prickle.
“You lied to your boyfriend.”
What could she say?  The monster was right.  “I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”
“And you had to lie?”
Rage surged through Artemis’s chest.  “It’s your damn fault.  You licked me!  You made me feel gross.  So don’t go blaming me, you bastard.  You fearful, cowardly bastard who won’t even tell me your goddamn name!”
“My name?”  He spoke gently, but grabbed her hips, rough as a lumberjack.  “My name is Budd.  I’m your boyfriend.”
“No you’re not!”
His cockhead throbbed at the entrance to her cunt, and the longer he waited to fuck her, the more her engorged pussy grasped it.  Her cunt couldn’t distinguish between the real Budd and this disgusting creature pretending to be him. 
“Your pussy is drooling for cock,” the monster said, mocking her.
“That’s not my fault,” she begged.  “It thinks you’re Budd.  It doesn’t know the difference.”
“But, Artemis…”  One hand trailed slowly across her back, sending shivers down her spine.  “I am Budd.”
He didn’t hesitate after that.  Lurching between her legs, he thrust Budd’s cock inside her waiting cunt. Her traitorous body accepted him with open arms.
“Oh, you like this.  I can tell.”  The creature controlling her boyfriend dipped his swollen tip inside her, dabbling in the shallows, teasing.  “Ooh, your pussy’s grasping for more, sucking me in.  And you said you didn’t want me tonight.”
“I don’t want you,” Artemis screamed, in her head.  “I don’t want you ever.  Let go of me and let go of my boyfriend.”
“That’s not what you want,” the monster said, in almost a soothing tone. “You want more.”
He slammed Budd’s cock in her cunt so hard she found her voice—her real voice—and screamed loud enough that it echoed through the house.
“Now, now.  Don’t wake the neighbours.”
The monster bashed Budd’s body into hers again, jerking her thighs against the side of the mattress.  “Oww, stop!  It hurts!”
This time, the words came out of her mouth. Actual, real words!  She could speak!
“Pain is just the beginning.”  The creature controlling her boyfriend punished her pussy with that hard-to-handle cock.  Budd’s front bashed against her butt so hard she’d be bruised inside and out, come morning.  “Well, now, look at this gaping asshole.”
“No,” she said, desperately.  “No, no, no.  I mean it.”
Didn’t matter what she said.  He wasn’t about to stop.  Drawing pussy juice up from below, he shoved Budd’s thumb in her ass.
“Don’t!” she screamed, but her body was saying something different.
The monster cackled.  “Your asshole is sucking my thumb!  What do you make of that?”
“It doesn’t know what it’s doing,” Artemis cried.  After all this time, there were tears in her eyes.  Finally!  “Stop it.  Please stop!”
“But you like it.  Your body’s telling me so.  It’s telling me it wants more.”
“Don’t listen to my body. Listen to me.”
He shoved a second thumb in her hole.  How was he doing that?  Budd’s fingers were huge!  Artemis screamed as he opened her ass, stretched it wide.  And then he leaned forward and spit in it, spit in her ass.  The slick glob landed right inside, spreading heat down her blazing hole.
“No,” she said, firmly.  “Don’t do it.  I’m serious.  I don’t want it.”
“Not even from your loving boyfriend, Budd?” the monster teased.
“You’re not my boyfriend.”  Artemis struggled to move, but it was no use.  “You think you can fool me?  Well, I know Budd.  You are definitely not him.”
“Oh, ye of little faith…” 
The creature in Budd’s body slid that thick dick from her pussy. It sprang up, like it knew just where to go next.
“Please don’t.”  She was serious.  Budd’s dick was too big.  “Don’t do it.  You’ll hurt me.”
Who was she kidding?  She already more hurt than she’d ever hurt in her life—psychologically, if not physically.  She struggled to get away from him, but she was stuck.  Absolutely couldn’t move.
“It’ll only hurt for a moment,” the monster said, and spit again.  “Then, it’ll feel… you’ll see.”
“I don’t want to see.”  She tried to kick, but nothing happened.  “I don’t want to!”
Budd’s thumbs tugged her asshole wider, and they didn’t let go until he’d lodged his slick cockhead inside.
Then he let go.
When his thumbs disappeared, the elastic ring of her anus closed around Budd’s pulsing cockhead.  She could feel his heartbeat in her ass, and it throbbed wildly—nothing like Budd’s usual regulated pulse.  After falling asleep so many times with her head on his massive chest, she knew what she should hear.  But that creature definitely had a hold on Budd’s heart, forcing it to behave as wildly as his body.
He pushed forward, driving his mushroom head past the tight spot.  It’s not like Artemis had never been fucked up the ass before.  She had.  But by smaller cocks. Artemis shrieked when the monster rammed Budd’s too-big erection deeper inside her asshole.  She wasn’t ready for it.  She’d never be ready for a fuck like this.  Budd was a huge, hulking guy on the outside, but, inside, he was a teddy bear. He’d never just take her.  He’d stop if she said no.
Now it didn’t matter how much she begged and pleaded.  There was a monster controlling Budd’s body, and that disgusting, perverted thing would take whatever it wanted.
“It hurts,” Artemis said, as Budd’s cock stretched her ass to its limits.  “You have to stop. Please!”
“It’ll hurt just as much coming out,” the creature reasoned.  “Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”
“How could I ever enjoy this?” Artemis screamed.  With every word, her ass clamped harder around Budd’s generous shaft.  God help her, it actually felt good.  Not that she’d tell him that.
Of course, she didn’t have to.  The creature could read her mind.  He said, “See?  I told you you’d like it.”
“I don’t like it,” she snapped.  “I hate it.  I hate you, whoever you are.”
“You’ll love me, soon enough.”  He laughed, and his laughter was a wild thing tearing her body, streaking through it as forcefully as Budd’s dick rammed her ass.  “It won’t take long, my darling.  Soon you’ll beg for more.”
“No, I won’t.”  Artemis spilled tears all over the comforter, and not because her ass felt like it was being assaulted by a red-hot poker… because she held such a tenuous grasp on her hatred. “Please!”
“Please what?” the monster asked, like a challenge, like it knew instinctively what she desired.  “Please fuck you harder?  Is that what you want, darling?”
It gave her a chill when he called her darling, but he’d been right when he said it would only hurt at first.  Well, that wasn’t exactly true.  Her asshole ached. It wasn’t used to being stretched so wide.  But…
“Oh god.”  Artemis dried her tears on the bedspread.  She gulped in desperate breaths as he rammed.  “I can’t… oh god!”
“You can’t what?” he growled.  “Can’t breathe?  Can’t move?  Can’t keep yourself from coming?”
She whined into the tear-stained comforter. She didn’t want it to feel so good, but Budd’s body was her favourite plaything, whoever controlled it.
Budd’s hands grasped her hips much harder than they normally would.  She’d be bruised all over, and Budd would probably ask how it happened. 
How could she tell her boyfriend he’d fucked her ass without knowing it?  He’d think she was crazy.
“Come on my crack,” she cried, as the monster rubbed Budd’s palms up and down her cheeks.  He reached under her, then.  Reached under Budd’s T-shirt and squeezed her tits so hard it hurt.  “Oh god!  I’m ready.  I want it all over my skin.”
“I knew you’d come around.” He pulled Budd’s swollen dick from her poor, tortured asshole.
He was right.  It hurt coming out, though not as badly as it had going in.  When his cockhead got close to her ass ring, she clamped down hard, trapping him inside.  It felt so good when she milked that thick dick that she didn’t stop.  She just kept stroking his fat tip with her ass ring until her body burst into climax.
The monster panted.  “You’ll make this weak body come.”
“This one too,” Artemis confessed.
She’d never reached orgasm through anal penetration, but there was a first time for everything.
“Oh god!”  She tried throwing her ass back into the saddle of his hips, but the only muscles she could control were the ones in her mouth and her ass.  “I’m coming.  I’m coming.  I’m… OH!”
Just as her body buzzed with the rampant sizzle of orgasm, a familiar voice emerged from behind Budd’s naked body.
“What did I tell you pervs about closing the door?”  Vincent slammed it shut.  The monstrous spell must have broken in that split second, because Artemis was able to turn entirely around.  As her robe swung on the door’s hook, Vincent shouted, “And keep your voices down.  I could hear you from the lawn.”
“Shit,” Artemis said, though she was so confounded she didn’t know what to think.
Budd gazed at her in the moonlight, his eyes shimmering with humanity and confusion. “What happened?”  He looked down at his naked body.  “Did we have sex?”
Artemis nodded.
“I was asleep, I guess.”  Budd chuckled.  “I don’t remember a second of it.  Was it good?”
“Yeah,” she said.  “It was… yeah, it was really good.”


  1. I agree! Thoroughly outrageous, totally hot--just as I've come to expect from you.

    And just in time for Halloween!

  2. Monster cocks and anal sex - my eyes were watering!!

  3. Nothing beats demonic possession for hot noncon scenes! I wonder how often "the devil (demon, whatever) made me do it" has worked as an excuse, on both sides of the equation.

  4. Hot, hot, hot, Giselle1 Thanks for that.

    'Phew' is right!

  5. I liked Monstrous Obsession. Nice to see it again!


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