Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Innocent Curiosity

by Daddy X

Finally alone, I situated myself on the sofa. Lying on my back, I pressed my knees against my chest and slipped Sylvia’s dildo into my ass. It’s not like I’m gay. Just wondered how deep it would go. Simple, innocent curiosity. How it feels when it buzzes.

Suddenly, the door opened to a mortified Sylvia, mouth agape. She screamed and ran from the house.

I followed, not realizing I hadn’t pulled my pants on. I leaped from the porch only to confront a uniformed policeman on the sidewalk. Chased up the street, I ducked into an alley. Dead end.

The cop cornered me, threw me on my stomach and unzipped his trousers, releasing a formidable cock.

I struggled, protecting my rear end with one hand.

His knees wedged between mine while a forceful grip wrenched my other wrist behind. I shook violently. Somebody was shoving at my shoulder. “Dan! Wake up! What’s wrong?”

I opened my eyes. “Oh Sylvia!” The stark relief of leaving the nightmare washed away the panic. Thank God.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking down on the sofa. “And what’s my vibrator doing out here?”


  1. Brilliant flasher, Daddy!

    You're a master of the genre.

  2. Heh, heh! Great little fantasy idea there.

  3. Ha! "Simple, innocent curiosity." … I love it.

  4. I'm not sure curiosity can always be called "innocent," but it's certainly not boring. Great story!

  5. It's fantasy, but it captures a lot of real fear about anal sex. :)


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