Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Please Elaborate

Elaborate, Please

“I’m sorry, Bill.”

“Sorry, Annette? Sorry you did it, or sorry you got caught?”

“Of course I’m sorry you found out. Not this soon.”

“Jesus. How do you think that makes me feel? You’re saying it was okay if I didn’t know?”

“Not yet. I planned to tell you when it was appropriate”

“That you’re seeing somebody else? What kinda lag is appropriate? It’s just fine that everybody in this goddamn town knows, but not me? I have to learn from fucking gossip that I’m the town cuckold?”

“You don’t know the whole story.”

“I’ll bet. What? You’re gonna say you were drunk? That somebody raped you? What the fuck could you possibly say that would make this okay?”

“I—I thought it could improve our sex lives.”

“Dammit, Annette. What are you trying to pull? Somebody taught you sex theory, then assigned lab work?”

“No. But I thought another person in our lovemaking would rejuvenate us somehow.”

“Bring this guy into our bed? What? I’ll feel better if I watch you suck his cock?”

“She doesn’t have a cock. It’s Ramona.”

That gorgeous Ramona? The yoga teacher with those great tits?”

“Fine ass too.”

“Tell me more.”


  1. Ah, that change of tune… So typical. I understand the fantasy, but it also makes me want to write a long essay exploring the reasons why heterosexual men so often perceive no threat from relationships between women, though they would with a male-female relationship. It's like they think the sex/relationship doesn't count the same way, which burns me. There is a slight mitigation here in that Annette's plan all along seems to have been for her relationship with Ramona to serve as some sort of entertainment value. I hope Ramona's up for the twist!

    1. That was my first thought! How does Ramona feel about all this? My second thought was, how long until one or both of this couple start wondering whether Ramona does it better for the other one?

      Nope, overthinking. The story is just the right length as it is.

    2. Let's be a bit generous... A male rival implies that the guy is going to be cut out of the picture. Many men are sufficiently homophobic (or concerned about others' perceptions) that they wouldn't consider a MFM menage. Most men, in contrast, feel perfectly comfortable, even favorably disposed, toward FFM. So it may not be a question of the sexual relationship "not counting" as much as a fear of abandonment in the case of a male-female relationship.

      Also, a man might feel that a female rival is less "competition", simply because the equipment is different.

      I suspect, though, that Daddy did not intend this quickie to be analyzed, any more than I did mine.

  2. I was once married to a man who told me in so many words that sex between women "didn't count" because it was "just masturbation," presumably no matter what actually took place. So when I read Daddy's story, I also noticed the man's sudden change of mood -- WTF? Cheating isn't cheating if the wife is doing it with Romona of the great tits? But I like an ending that promises a great threesome rather than a tabloid headline about a murder. The pacing is perfect.

  3. Thanks all! Yes, there is a double standard there. I think you may have hit it on the head, Lisabet. Probably a man would be concerned that his mate would be better satisfied by somebody with the same equipment he has. Then it would be a matter of who uses it better. Other equipment wouldn't be such competition, at least not on the same or even comparable levels.


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