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Feeling Blue: Trans-Dimensional Sex

Sacchi Green

This isn’t precisely a story of sex in space, but close enough, I hope. It was published in a long-gone online magazine, and eventually I included it in A Ride to Remember from Lethe Press, a collection of my own work.

This excerpt is from the very end of the story, and a lot happens before that, so I'd better share some info so that you can, I hope, make sense of what you read.

 Blue is from an alternate dimension where voyeurs peer into our world as a form of entertainment, and scientists and the very rich can even visit and try out more or less human forms, but they have to totally renew and change those forms periodically. Blue isn’t rich, but she worked at the transfer portal and managed to sneak through.

Katje used to be a chemically-induced vampire, and a former whip artiste with an elegant kink salon in New York, but she’s left that life behind. Mostly. Blue wants to try out that milieu, too, but gets into trouble, so Katje takes her away to hide at a lakeside cabin in her home state of Minnesota.

Here’s the end of the story, but not necessarily the end of their story.

Feeling Blue

Sacchi Green  

Blue wanted to be surprised. Once safe at the cabin I knew I'd better do it soon. She was due to transform any day now, and she'd been poring over an illustrated edition of Longfellow’s Hiawatha she’d found there. I didn't know how to explain why I could cheerfully take a whip to the pert white rump of her little pseudo-Transylvanian imp form, but might not feel like doing it to Minnehaha.

The afterglow of sunset still burnished the lake. Moths beat against the screened porch in their frenzy to reach our lamp, and I flicked the tip of the lash at them like a fly-fishing line. Blue looked up from the glider.

"Oh! Is time now?" Her voice was startled but her look was eager. I grasped her slender wrists and yanked her upright.

"Now. Turn around. On your knees." I shoved her back onto the seat till her breasts pressed into the cushioned back.

She grinned as I bound her wrists to the metal frame with bandanas, but she kept silent. "Begging is part of the process," I said. "It won't make me stop. But if you really want me to stop say...say 'Gitchigumee.' That's your safeword. Got it?"

She nodded, pulled herself higher, and waggled her butt at me. I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and yanked hard. She cried out just a little, and then her smooth white curves were naked and vulnerable and eager.

It was easier than I'd thought to get past memories of Selene's "salon." There was a moment of yearning to see Blue's pearlsheen flesh repeated in that baroque array of mirrors, but then the present shut out all else.

I let the slender tip of the lash whisper across her cheeks, slip into the tight crack, curl lightly around a thigh. Then I increased my force, still more kiss than bite, and increased again until she gave a little whimper, thrusting herself out even more and rubbing her nipples against the cushions.

I made the whip crack in the air. Its impact was still only enough to heat, not cut. Then gradually the force and pace of my strokes mounted, and she tugged against the wrist bonds and squirmed and moaned but didn't shrink away. The glider creaked with her spasmodic jerks and her moonpale skin became latticed with streaks of sunset red.

Words mingled with her gasps. "Please, Katje, please, don't stop...don't stop...but my hands, let me, let me please, I need to touch...don't stop, but I have to..."

"Quiet! I'll let you know what you have to do!" I slowed a little, to draw it out, and she twisted and jerked in a futile attempt to press her crotch against the swing back while still keeping her butt extended.

At last, when she began to sob in frustration, I held the whip stock tight against her buttocks and loosed one hand. She rose and fell then, rubbing engorged breasts against the cushion, thrusting her free hand against her clit and moaning incoherently as I worked a hand over her hot crimson flesh and kneaded it forcefully.

She thrashed and writhed and dug her fangs into the cushion; tears seeped through her tight-shut eyelids but I knew she couldn't bear for me to stop now. Just as orgasm at last tore a muffled scream from her throat, her teeth tore a large chunk from the glider cushion.

She was spluttering and gasping and even giggling a bit when I untied the other hand and sank onto the seat with her body across my lap. I feather-stroked her poor throbbing ass and kissed it again and again. A few bright beads of blood glistened where the whip had cut too deep. I must be out of practice--or maybe I had been too swept up in her sensual storm. The old hunger quivered in my gut, but I had long ago mastered the compulsion, sweated out all but an insignificant vestige of Selene's poison. When I licked up the crimson droplets it was with love and tenderness, scarcely rougher than a mother cat's caress of a wounded kitten.

Finally Blue slid to her knees and grinned shakily up at me. "Wow! Katje, Katje, what can I do for you so fucking wild? Quick, before the change? Don't want to change, this body is still so full of feeling, but I can only wait a little bit."

I knew what I wanted, wanted so much I shook with it. "Blue, I want to feel you, not the bodies you make, but you! I saw your light-form that first night in the subway. I've seen the flickers under the door while you're changing. That's what I want, to be inside all that, to feel it inside me! Isn't there sex where you come from? How can I feel you like that?"

She frowned. "Not sex, like here, no. Is a kind of joining, very special, but then both become just one--and with bodies is much more fun to stay two!" Her face relaxed into a grin. I tried to smile back, but she could see the intensity of my longing.

"Oh, Katje, I don't know! I've never done it, is so rare, so special; and when one is in body-form and one is not... I might hurt you, very much!"

"If you could just let me see you! And then try, very gently, to come close. Please, Blue, I want it so much, even if it hurts..."

She brushed her fingers over my face with exquisite lightness. Her black eyes gleamed in her pale face. "I want it, too. I will try. You must wait, and when is time, I will come to you. I promise." She stretched up to kiss my lips and then slipped away into the dark interior of the cabin.

I went down the path to the lake. The night sounds of the woods and the water couldn't soothe me now. Even the serenity of the full moon was intoxicating, and the silver light licking the rippled surface of the water sent waves of longing through my body.

It might be hours yet. I wished I had asked how long, wished I had some sense of how long it had been already. I willed the moon-glazed wavelets to hypnotize me, and time passed.

I felt her coming, a current in the air, a tingling. I turned and saw the blue light flickering through the trees, and waited, trembling, as awestruck as any peasant wench dazzled by the unearthly glow of Faery.

But she was real, and my own Blue, however unearthly. As she drew closer her intricate bands of light danced and flowed into shape after beautiful shape, resolving, when she stopped before me, into discernible arms and legs and face and even a hint of that smile.

Her hum of energy vibrated in my rushing blood. She lightly touched my hands; my arms jerked, then steadied as I willed myself to stillness, to acceptance.

It was far beyond tingling, barely short of shock. Blue's light flickered across my skin, pulsed in waves from her touch, close to pain, closer to ecstasy. As soon as I could stand that much I felt a desperate need for more, and leaned toward her, into her embrace, into her whole being.
Light seized me. Energy poured directly into my consciousness. My body was consumed in fire, blown away in glowing wisps of ash--too much, too much to bear...

Blue shifted subtly. I felt my body once again, and its unabated hunger. Then her energy focused, pulsed into me, flooding the deep, hungry places she knew so well, probing and demanding until my flesh vibrated at last to her frequency and the resonance tore through me like a trumpet blast.
"Katje?" Her face was high-cheeked, brown, with a coppery glow. Long black braids brushed my throat as she bent over me. She had far surpassed the Maxfield Parrish illustrations. "Katje, you are all right?"

"I think so..." I had no idea how I'd gotten into the cabin, into bed.

"Katje, I must tell you, I think...I think they have been watching us. But they do not make me go! Last night, as I came to you, I felt them, felt them start to take me, then pull back. I think maybe they like to watch!"

I smiled up at her, relieved to find any part of my body still functional. I ached with the afterglow of pain and ecstasy, and the certainty that there could be still more to feeling Blue, if only I had the chance to train myself to bear it.

"So you can stay as long as we don't let them get bored?" She nodded, the little blue wheels sparking deep in her eyes. My own wheels were spinning with the possibilities. In her present form certain games came to mind, things to try on horseback, or in a canoe. And when it came time to change, the possibilities were infinite, and infinitely intriguing.

The blue fire had burned the last of Selene's archaic poisons from my blood, and soul. Now we were free to create our own mythos. With my experience and Blue's imagination, it was a challenge we couldn't refuse.


  1. Sacchi, you have captured something quite worldly in this little excerpt of otherworldly pursuits. It goes beyond sex, beyond pain, beyond even desire and takes it into... connection.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks, Daddy X. Connection is something I'm to very good at (with some outstanding exceptions) but something I value highly.

    Apparently I'm not very good at reading calendars, either, since I mistakenly scheduled this for Sunday instead of Monday. Better early than late, I guess.

    1. Not an issue, I'm sure.

      And I didn't remember to compliment you on the depiction of the eastern European accent. Quite effective!

  4. I really like this! I wish you'd drawn it out more.

    Maybe a sequel?

    1. Quite a lot happens in the story before this ending. I'll gladly send the whole thing to anyone interested.

  5. Sacchi, these are a pair of extremely interesting characters... I love the premise of ever-present voyeurs. For those with the right kinks (raises hand!) it's a very hot idea.


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