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Was this book based on a true story? #lesbian #ageplay #bdsm #erotica
Someone very dear to me recently asked if my lesbian ageplay book NANNY STATE was based on a true story. Ha! Don't I wish! My life isn't that interesting.

More specifically, I was asked if Sweet made me get rid of all my thongs and switch to granny panties--which is the rule Victoria imposes on Summer in the book. She didn't. I've still got a vast selection of thongs stored away for a time when they feel relevant once again.

Having said all that, Nanny State did alter and improve our sex life. While we've never delved into ABDL, the book did inspire us to incorporate spanking into our repertoire, and spanking quickly became a go-to for us.

So, while Nanny State was not inspired by true events, it did inspire us to shake up the sex we were having. Just one of the many ways this little book of lesbian domination and submission changed my life!

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In case you've never read it, enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1


The lights were off when I got back to the house—very unusual, because my strict landlady Victoria was pretty much always around. She’d converted the extra bedroom into an office years before I came out here for school, and that’s where she worked as some sort of typist. I never asked for details about what she did for a living. I didn’t really care.

I know that sounds mean, but Victoria was hard to sympathize with. At times, she was unbearably controlling. She demanded I come home promptly after class, and I always resented the way she’d stand in the living room with one eye on her watch, asking, “What time do you call this, Summer?”

Victoria was an old friend of my mom’s, but the longer I stayed with her the more she acted like she owned me, like I was a little kid in need of protection. Who did she think she was, bossing me around in that passive-aggressive way of hers?

“Victoria? Are you up here?” I climbed the stairs, turning on every light as I went.

As much as I complained about Victoria breathing down my neck every hour of the day, I hated being alone in the house. It gave me the creeps. If I could afford it, I’d get a nice little apartment of my own, but that would mean finding a job. After getting fired from my last two restaurant gigs I couldn’t get a reference to save my life.

Anyway, until I finished university it was better to focus my time on writing papers and studying for exams. That’s a big part of the reason I transferred schools and came out here to live. Back home I got way too distracted by hot friends and good times.

In fact, the thing I missed most about my freedom was all the meaningless sex. Under Victoria’s roof, I couldn’t get away with shit. School and home, bedroom door open at all times. She even had the parental block set on the TV so I couldn’t watch anything with “mature themes.”

My poor pussy was craving attention, and the most I could give it was a little stroke in the shower. Even then, Victoria timed me as if I was wasting water. After five minutes, she’d be knocking on the door, hollering, “What are you doing in there?”

I stood at the top of the stairs, gazing into open, empty rooms. “Victoria?”

No response.

That settled it—she wasn’t home! No way I was going to miss this opportunity to do something naughty. Racing into my bedroom, I shut the door and pulled my laptop out of my bag.

My heart thundered in my ears while a thick heat pulsed low in my belly, spreading all the way down my thighs. I couldn’t wait.

“Gimme the good stuff,” I said as I clicked on my favourite porn site. It had a feature where you could search out what you liked best.

I typed in lesbian orgasms.

There was nothing I loved better than watching real girls come, and I looked through the thumbnails for one where the women weren’t bleach blondes. Girls with tattoos got me off almost immediately, so when I found a porn clip starring one inky vixen with hot pink streaks in her hair and one innocent looking redhead, I was all over it.

When the video began, the tattooed girl was already sucking the redhead’s tits, thank god. I hated when lesbian clips started with ten minutes of kissing. Sure kissing was hot, but when I watched porn I wanted it to be on fire.

This clip definitely fit the bill. After fifteen seconds of ogling that leather-clad punk as she suckled the pallid redhead, my panties were soaked through. I reached under the elastic waist of my Uni track pants and cupped my mound overtop of my juicy, soaked underwear.

Victoria had disposed of all my sexy thongs the first time she did laundry, replacing them with white cotton undies. Totally not sexy, but I never did like going commando so I just grew extra cautious about letting people get an impromptu look at my panties.

“Fuck yeah!”

The chick with the ink planted rough kisses and love bites down the redhead’s paper-white belly. God, they were hot together. I hadn’t eaten pussy in months, and I missed it so bad I could almost taste that heavy, musky aroma at the back of my throat.

“Yeah, lick her hard,” I told the girl onscreen. “Suck her clit, you fucking slut.”

I didn’t mind calling instructions out to my computer. Didn’t make me feel crazy or anything. I figured, hell, if I had the house to myself for once I should take full advantage and make a little noise. When Victoria was home, I always had to be quiet as a church mouse and it was driving me nuts.

When the tattooed girl lunged against the redhead’s bush, a growl rumbled deep inside of me. I wasn’t sure who I should be more jealous of: the one doing the licking or the one getting licked. Fuck, I loved the look of that bright red pussy hair. So many girls in porn were shaved—hell, so was I—but it really turned me on to see a full cloud of pubic hair between a woman’s thighs.

The tattooed girl seemed to like it, too. She ate that redhead’s pussy wildly and without remorse, like a wolf tearing into a bunny rabbit. The redhead reacted in a big way, shrieking and whimpering, her voice mellifluous even when she grunted and groaned.

I pushed my bottoms to the floor and spread my legs for the girls onscreen. Parting my smooth lips, I traced my middle finger round and round my sensitive clit, pretending they could see me.

“You like my pretty pussy, huh?” I smacked it for them, jumping in my chair as the slap to my clit rang through my body. “Look how much you turn me on, you little sluts. I’m all fucking wet for you.”

Stroking my clit with one hand, I pulled up my t-shirt with the other. It was tight enough to stay there, hiked above my breasts as I tugged my tits out of my bra. When I pinched my nipples, a surge of electricity zapped down to my clit. If only I could do what the redhead onscreen was doing, bringing her breasts up to her mouth and sucking them, but my boobs were nowhere near as big as hers.

“God, I love your tits,” I told her, pretending she’d heard me and that smile on her plump pink lips was acknowledgement.

The girl between her legs ate her hard, ravaging her clit. She hugged her tits and shrieked. Planting her feet against the mattress, she bucked up against the tattoo girl’s wet face. Watching her lips contort with blissful agony set my belly ablaze, and I scoured my clit so hard and so fast I came when she did—and I came hard!

But once was never enough when I was getting myself off. I cupped my mound, squeezing it in my hot hand, feeling my slick inner lips pound and pulse against the outer ones.

When the porn clip finished, I reached for the touch pad on my laptop. My goal was to get the cursor to a thumbnail of a naked blonde and an Asian woman with giant boobs, but my fingers were wet and my aim was off. I ended up clicking another video instead.

My belly flip-flopped when the clip started. It was another lesbian scene, but I’d never come across anything like it before. There was a woman in her forties, I guess, wearing a prim dress unbuttoned at the front so her big naked breasts were fully exposed. In her arms, she cradled a girl who was probably about my age. Like a baby. So much like at baby that the girl was wearing a diaper!

“What the fuck is this?”

I’d seen some kinky-ass porn in my day, but nothing had ever made my heart clench and my stomach wrench like this did. It seemed really wrong, and I urged my hand to click another thumbnail, but my fingers would not obey.

When the younger woman took the older one’s nipple in her mouth, my pussy gushed with juice. There was something mesmerizing about the way she sucked that woman’s tit, like she derived more than just sexual pleasure from it. And the woman in the dress—wow! The look on her face was so serene, so loving, that my heart warmed as I watched them together.

“Fuck, I can’t be turned on by this.” I spoke more to myself than the computer this time. “This is some crazy shit.”

Even so, my fingers parted my smooth wet pussy lips, tracing up and down my slit and bursting inside while my thumb found my clit. My whole body surged. Sure I’d just come, but that wave of orgasm was still close at hand. Stroking my clit in tight circles, I thrust my fingers languorously in and out of my pussy, savouring the wet squelching sound they made in there. It wouldn’t be long until I was riding that wave of climax again.

I watched the scene on my computer more intensely than I’d ever watched any other porn clip. Mainly, I think I wanted to understand why I found it so arousing. And at the same time, of course, I didn’t want to know at all. I just kept fucking myself and toying with my clit as the maternal older woman stroked the younger girl’s fine blonde hair, rubbed her back, and caressed her thigh.

It all looked so intimate and serenely sensual that I wanted the same thing, though I didn’t know why. I loved the way the younger girl’s smallish breasts pressed against the older woman’s bare belly, just above where her dress was still buttoned up.

“Suck my tits, baby.” I pinched them one by one, imagining those pretty pink lips against my nipple, that velvet-soft tongue licking it, bringing it into her warm, wet mouth.

A surge of energy pulsed through my clit, and my pussy muscles tightened around my fingers. I was going to come watching this crazy fetish porn. I was going to come watching that pretty young woman suck those big, beautiful tits. This was unbelievable.


Every muscle in my body clenched. My heart seemed to stop beating, and still I struggled to extract my fingers from my pussy and turn off the porn.

Too late anyway. I’d been caught red-handed. I’d gotten so involved that I didn’t even hear the door open.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” Victoria hovered just inside my room, hands on hips. She hadn’t even taken off her leather boots.

I quickly pulled my t-shirt down to cover my boobs, though my bra was still lodged beneath them. My face felt burning hot. It must have been red as a beet! Still, I couldn’t let her know how embarrassed I felt.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I scrambled into my track pants. “I’m trying to get off—and you’re no help, standing there like the wicked witch of the west.”

Was that the bad one? I couldn’t remember.

“I have absolutely no intention of helping you in that twisted endeavour.” Victoria’s gaze kept darting to the computer screen, where the younger woman continued to suckle to older one.

“Besides,” I said. “My door was closed. Don’t I deserve a bit of privacy in my own damn bedroom?”

Finally, she let out an exaggerated hmph sound and pushed my wheeled study chair clear across the room. By the time I’d turned myself around, she’d closed my laptop and was trudging out of my room with it.

Now my blood was really boiling. That laptop was my private property! “Where the fuck do you think you’re going with that?”

Victoria gasped, spinning on her heels. Her face was like marble, hard and white and frightening. “Mind your language, Summer. This is still my house, after all.”

“Yeah, no shit!” I couldn’t control my anger. The power she wielded like a weapon just made me so damn mad. “You remind me every day: ‘My roof, my rules. Your mother sent you here for a reason.’ I’m so sick of you.” Grabbing hold of my computer, I yanked it from her hands. “I take all my class notes on this laptop, and I do all my reading on it too. It’s not a toy, and even if it was, it’s mine, you ugly bitch.”

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that. I held my laptop so close to my chest I could feel its warmth against my pointed nipples. My breath was coming so fast after all that screaming I worried I might hyperventilate, but I worried even more that Victoria would hit me with something.

It wasn’t right of me to call her an ugly bitch. I knew that. And it wasn’t even true. She was the kind of woman whose skin didn’t know her age, except for the laugh line to one side of her mouth and the crinkles she got around her eyes every time she smiled. But she sure wasn’t smiling now, or laughing. I’d never seen her looking so… hurt.

“Wait,” I said as she walked to her bedroom across the hall from mine.

She looked at me, seeming small, gaunt, powerless. She didn’t say a word.

“I’m sorry, Victoria.”

But it was too late. She’d already closed her door.

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