Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Mostly Untrue Story (#hotread #amreading #gayerotica)

Everyone always asks me if my books are based on my sexcapades. And if they don't ask, they just assume it to be true. Or they assume that I'm listening to everyone's dating and sex drama and turning it into fiction. I can tell y'all that's 100% untrue.

However, with that in mind, I thought I'd use this month's theme to promote my very first erotic book! It's the one that kicked off this massive suspicion that I'm sexually insatiable in my private life.

Autumn Fire
Cameron D. James

True gay love is a fairy tale. No matter what everyone says, that’s what Dustin firmly believes. As he starts his first year of university, Dustin is happy in the closet, where he can meet his gay needs secretly through anonymous hookups.

But when Dustin has his first hookup of the university term, with a muscular dark-eyed jock in the library men’s room, he can’t help notice the deep and immediate connection he feels, one that seems almost like love. It’s over as quickly as it begins and, as all anonymous hookups go, Dustin never expects to see him again.

The term gets difficult, especially when his math class begins. Dustin destresses with more hookups, but they don’t sate him the way they used to, and he finds he cannot stop thinking about his start-of-term encounter. Soon, his academic needs outweigh the sexual, and Dustin caves in and gets a tutor.

Attractive, well-built, dark-eyed…and a jock, his new tutor, Kyle, is none other than his anonymous hookup from the men’s room. Fate seems to have connected him to the man of his dreams.

Or maybe not, since Kyle is even more in the closet than Dustin is.

~ * ~

This book opens with an anonymous bathroom blowjob. And that leads into the story I love to tell about it.

I was at a writing convention that featured a "live action slush" session. Writers anonymously submitted the first page of their book to the event; a reader would read the page out loud; and a panel of four editor judges would put up their hand when they would stop reading the submission. The idea is that you see where you're losing an acquisition editor's interest.

The reader read the opening paragraphs with the bathroom blowjob and everyone in the room giggled awkwardly. I didn't make it through to the end, three of the four judges put up their hands when they would have stopped reading (and once the third hand goes up, the narrator stops reading out loud).

Interestingly, Canadian superstar sci-fi author Robert J Sawyer was the last of the three to put up his hand. He had a goofy grin on his face during the blowjob.

During commentary afterward, one judge explained why she put up her hand: "There's too much angst. This whole bathroom blowjob is totally unbelievable!"

The one editor who did not put up her hand, and thus the one that would have kept reading, knew that it was my submission; she came and told me that the other editors didn't know what they were talking about. And then she later cornered that "totally unbelievable" editor and demanded of her, "You've never been in a bathroom with a gay man, have you?!"

~ * ~


Dustin stared at the sneakered foot, just visible below the stall wall, as the other man stopped at the urinal beside him. He waited for the signal — until he heard it he didn’t know if this was CollegeJock22 or some random dude who had to piss.

Time seemed to slow as he heard a zipper open. With every passing heartbeat, he waited for the telltale sound of urination ... but it wasn’t happening. The foot shifted. The pant leg lifted, briefly flashing a white sock.

The signal! Dustin shuffled his foot close to the dividing wall, so the other man could see it, and flashed his own sock.

Dustin waited ... but nothing happened. Embarrassment swelled as he realized the awkward coincidence. This was not CollegeJock22. As soon as he leaves, I’m going back to my dorm and I’m just gonna jack off, Dustin decided. This was a mistake, to meet some random guy in a random washroom.

Then the other man’s feet moved. Dustin held his breath, not daring to make even the slightest sound of exhalation. He’d not heard the man piss — and he’d not heard the man zip up again. Maybe this was CollegeJock22. He just prayed the man wasn’t fat and ugly, that his profile hadn’t been one big lie. Dustin’s heart thudded as the man stood on the other side of the stall door. As planned, Dustin had left it unlocked. It squeaked softly as the man – CollegeJock22 — nudged it open.

All his doubts vanished. Quite simply, CollegeJock22 would be the hottest guy Dustin ever hooked up with. He was the rare man that not only lived up to his profile, but surpassed it. He easily stood five foot eleven and had tight golden curls peeking out from below his ball cap. His muscled chest pulled his shirt taut beneath his open jacket and his cock ... his cock was a gorgeous piece of meat, dangling from his open fly. The thick and semi-hard dick sprouted from a dusting of fine hair.

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  1. Great background story!

    I don't find this unbelievable at all... the angst actually makes it more realistic.


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