Saturday, December 21, 2019

Come Away With Me, a post by @GiselleRenarde

Thank you for reading my musings over the years. It has been a pleasure bringing my thoughts to you and I'm honoured you've taken time out of your days and nights to read my words.

Today's will be my final post here at The Grip.

Not because I'm done with writing.

Not because I'm done with blogging.

Not because I'm finished sharing my life with you.

I've been writing erotica professionally for nearly 14 years, and I'll continue to do so.  I hope you'll keep reading the words I put out into the world.

I've maintained my Donuts and Desires blog for well over a decade. I'll keep updating that site with new works as they emerge.

I celebrated 10 years on Twitter this September. You can still find me there most days.

In June, I started a daily music blog.  I've published over 200 posts there this year, and I plan to keep at it. Yes, that's right: I'm there every day. I hope you'll join me.

You can also support me on Patreon for access to weekly audio erotica: my stories, my voice.

I'm not going anywhere. I just won't be here. But you can still find me all over the internet.

Go to your local library's website and search the name Giselle Renarde.  See what pops up.

I tell you, I'm all over the map.

And if all else fails... subscribe to my newsletter?

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  1. Giselle, I've been reading your stuff for fourteen years, and I think it keeps getting better. Thanks for all your brave, honest and insightful posts here at the Grip.

    See you around cyberspace!


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