Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fear of Phobias. J.P. Bowie

Phobias are funny things really, and some of the funniest things are what people have phobias about. If there's one about bad grammar I should insert it here!

Some of the longest words have phobia tacked on the end -

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- which actually means fear of long words. Love it.

I am only too aware of the word homophobia, but heterophobia? - not so much. And in a recent article I was reading on the internet a guy used homophobia instead of hoplophobia - a fear of firearms. "Yes officer, he was pointing a queer at me!" Although after watching the mess in Ferguson, Mo., I think I'm suffering from hoplophobia.

Love this one too -

Consecotaleophobia- the fear of chopsticks. I dare anyone tell me they knew that one!

Here's one I definitely suffer from  -
Logizomechanophobia- Anyone?  Fear of computers. Oh yeah, I tremble every time something goes wrong with my pc and I dread having to call the help line. I feel so stupid when I can't understand a word the guy is saying. "Sorry, can you repeat that again...and again?" They get quite angry with me.

But while I'm at the computer and banging away at my next erotic epic these strange little phobias cannot be overlooked -

Medomalacuphobia - Fear of losing an erection. Well, so far none of my heroes has had to worry about that
Medorthophobia- Fear of an erect penis. Who is this idiot?
Megalophobia - Fear of large things. See above.

Some of them seem just made up to suit the phobia -  
Acousticophobia - Fear of noise for instance
Aerophobia - Fear of flying. I could've made that one up.

Then there's Agoraphobia - Fear of public places like markets. Well, if I lived in Bagdhad you'd never see me in a market place 

And last but not least - sometimes when I'm swearing at my computer and calling it spawn of Satan and other devilishly choice names, I  might be suffering from
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- the fear of  the number 666.

There really is a world of phobias out there!

Th-that's all folks - is that Animationophobia?



  1. J.P.:
    So many words I can't pronounce, it's making me anxious. Is that a phobia?
    Funny bit.

  2. Actually, I think some M/M readers and reviewers have heterophobia. I had a blog refuse to review my M/M romance because it had one page of M/F interaction (via phone!) between the villain and his gal.

    Sigh. Funny post, though!

  3. Hahaha, JP. Good twist on the topic. Hope you are back safe and feeling better.

  4. Sigh. Once again, my comment disappeared after I clicked on "Google" and "Publish." This is an entertaining post, JP. There seems to be a word for every possible kind of phobia.

  5. Jean, I'm still having that comment problem too. I now have a habit of saving all comments to my notepad before trying to post them.

    JP this post is absolutely awesome. I love the tangled words you scared up.