Friday, March 28, 2008

Daffodil by Anny Cook


When Florian LeFleur announces his intentions to take his three unmarried daughters to Came-a-lot to find husbands, his youngest daughter Daffodil is not pleased. She’s quite happy with the arrangement she already has with Raulf the butler at LeFleur Manor. Undeterred, Florian insists that she accompany him to Came-a-lot. Besides, he’s sure she can do better than a butler.

Then Raulf discovers his antique cock rings and favorite floggers are missing. He follows in hot pursuit, using the theft to claim Daffodil as his own. Instead of mastering Daffodil at his leisure, Raulf finds that he must fit her hot sexy lessons in while tracking down the thief who stole the king’s pet rock, training Timid Timmy in rope bondage, and capturing the sorceress, Morgana.

The door banged against the wall as Timid Timmy flung it open in his haste to spread the news. Panting and breathless, he declared, “Florian LeFleur just showed up! He’s upstairs in the library yelling at Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle!”

For a few long seconds, Raulf and Daffodil froze in a tableau right out of Prince Gawain’s recent bestseller, “Domination: Love Your Sub” before Daffodil stomped her foot in frustration. “Close the door, Timmy. Raulf, release me and remove the toys! I suppose I’ll have to go upstairs and find out what’s going on.”

Raulf hastened to obey her while Timmy shut and barred the door. Sighing in aggravation at having her proposed afternoon of delight interrupted, Daffodil yanked on a brilliant yellow zipsuit that suited her sunny name if not her current mood, and stalked upstairs in search of an absentee father she hadn’t laid eyes on since she was six.

With Raulf and Timmy at her heels she halted in the hallway outside the library. Honeysuckle was sitting demurely next to Chrysanthemum on the sofa in the library while a short, stocky gray-haired man paced to and fro in front of them, alternately shouting and muttering. His hair stuck up like a rumpled nest of feathers. Daffodil stood in the doorway and studied the angry man while she listened intently to the harangue.

“The king gives me permission to bring my daughters to Came-a-lot so they can find eligible husbands so I post down here, traveling through the Dread Forest, taking my life in my hands and what do I find? What do I find? I’ll tell you what I found! Honeysuckle in the barn with the stable hands. Chrysanthemum in the library reading an ancient moldy book like an old maiden. And Daffodil…” he groped for words before he continued wrathfully, “Daffodil was naked in the dungeon allowing the butler to flog her with a purple flogger! What kind of man uses a purple flogger?” Florian’s bellow was now so loud that his wayward daughters figured they could hear him all the way to Came-a-lot.

Honeysuckle minutely inspected her nails and hummed.

Chrysanthemum yawned.

Raulf winced and waited for the explosion. It wasn’t long in arriving.

“Do you hear me?” their papa shouted.

“Of course we hear you,” Honeysuckle muttered under her breath. “The dragons on Chrystal Isle hear you. The monks at Solomon’s Choice Abbey hear you. I bet even randy old King Arthur hears you.” Honey picked at a cuticle and sighed with disgust. “What do you want, anyway?”

A long silence ensued as words failed Florian. His mouth opened and shut and then he said very, very quietly, “Pack up. You three girls are going to Came-a-lot. I’m shutting the house up. Once I have you off my hands, I’ll sell this millstone and finally have a life.”

“What about Mama?” Chrysanthemum pushed her slipping glasses back up her nose with one nail-bitten finger.

“What about her?” Florian was suddenly impatient with the entire mess. “She’s out of my hair, happy with her acrobats. I’m finally free.” He frowned at Chrys. “Why acrobats, anyway?”

Honeysuckle’s smile had a malicious tinge to it. “She said they were limber, always ready and used to working as a team.”

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  1. This is hysterical. Sexy and hysterical. I'm downloading it tomorrow for some fun weekend reading. LOL



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