Friday, November 12, 2010

Pour some sugar on me

I've been quite interested in the posts this week. : ) Sex and food is something has always been a love-hate relationship for me when it comes to my writings.

I can see the appeal of using a bit of food in a naughty way to add spice to a story. After all, eating and sex can both be very sensual experiences. Just think about licking the ice cream off of the back of a spoon, and slowly twirling a cherry on your tongue. Maybe sucking on a strawberry covered in whipped cream or chocolate.

I've also been known to use food a bit myself. In fact, one of the moments hubby often mentions is something that happened with an ice cream sandwich. What can I say, he said he wanted a lick.

*wiggles eyebrows* And I got a story idea out of it. LOL

Yet you have to be very careful when choosing food to use in a story. Like has been mentioned, some foods just don't mix with intimate body parts.

When I came up with this topic, I knew I wanted to invite the talented Rachel K Bussel to guest post, but I wasn't certain if she would be able to fit it into her busy schedule. Why did I think of her?

Well ... in addition to being the cupcake queen, she is also the editor of Sex and Candy. I was fortunate enough to have a story accepted for the anthology - a naughty tale involving a peppermint candy stick, a girl's best friend, and a camera. There have been a lot of times I have thought about rewriting the story, and expanding it, because I was so tickled at how much fun it was to write.

I have to admit though, some stories I read with food just turn me off. I remember one anthology call for submissions dealing with meat. (Not sure if it ever came to be or not). Sorry, that one just hit my eeewwwww factor, and I knew that it would likely not be something I would be interested in. (Personal preference).

Yet there are other food items I admit to a curiosity about. I love the lesbian stories with carrots, and slender cucumbers. Ice play is another favorite of mine ... the idea of an ice cube slowly melting against the heat of skin ... the character licking the water trail, following it back the navel.

Oh yeah, I love the imagery of that. : ) And on that note ... I am going to turn the Grip over to Rachel. And hopefully tonight, I will have sweet dreams.


  1. Hi, Michelle,

    I remember the peppermint story...!

    And while I'm not sure that ice counts as food, it definitely has a wide range of erotic possibilities!


  2. I fear in these days of endemic diabetes, lactose and gluten intolerance, etc., food erotica may be more complicated than it was in the past... So ice might be safer as a choice of play item.

    Foods have been used in various ways in SM stories (and practice) - massaging someone with baby oil in which a chilli has been left to 'marinade', and having subs kneel on uncooked rice. But outside of that, it might be interesting to have someone covered in different kinds of ice cream - you can get diabetic and dairy-free varieties in many supermarkets - so two people with different food issues can lick it off different parts of the person's anatomy.

  3. Lisabet - LOL If an iceberg can be considered a mineral, surely ice can be a food. : )

    Fulani - Indeed the possibilities are as endless as the varieties of ice cream.


  4. Thank you SO much for featuring me and this anthology most people probably don't know about, but is a topic close to my heart - and mouth. I'm SO sorry about not getting you a guest post, this has been a very insane week for me but I love exploring food within erotica - there's a story called "Eat Me" about a very lusty hamburger in my upcoming book Gotta Have It about a pregnant woman's craving and really is what I'd call "food porn."

  5. Hi Michelle,

    I agree with you about the ice play. An icecube, a blindfold and a little imagination can produce a great deal of heat.

    I also liked the hate side of the love hate relationship with sex and food.

    It got my brain going about what the sexual equivalent is of bolemia or anorexia - that could make a great story.


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