Thursday, November 18, 2010

A short one...

Please forgive me for being brief on this week’s theme.

I was talking with God the other day. He apologised.

He apologised for lots of things; the ambiguities in the bible that lead to religious wars; the anomaly of good folk finishing last whilst scum-suckers get all the decent stuff. The slowness of broadband speeds in certain areas. God appreciates that there are a lot of things for which he should apologise. But, most of all, he apologises for all the misunderstandings about life after death.

Personally I don’t understand the confusion. I have always hoped that there is no life after death. It’s bad enough having to endure this shit once. The thought of going through existence for a second time is worse than depressing. It suggests that there’s no viable escape route.

But God assures me there is life after death. Heaven exists. It’s a lot like that nice place on earth – the one where good things happen on a sunny day – only better. There’s no sadness or suffering. It’s lovely.

God says that everyone is dying to go there.


  1. Hey Ash,

    Now I know who to blame about our doggy downloads!

    Short indeed, but very sweet!


  2. Ash - I was wondering about that doggy/dodgy myself, because I got enough trouble with two cats. I don't need any doggy downloads... And next time you have Gawd's ear, ask him why there isn't a decent pet type critter that doesn't poop. I'm basically looking for something that s***s rainbows. And maybe does a bit of housework.

  3. Kathleen,

    I shall pass on your suggestions to God once I've wiped the coffee off my keyboard.




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