Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Public Farts

Dammit! I'm on a deadline at the moment and think I may have missed my slot. So if this comes up  for Wednesday massive apologies to Garce. But I wanted to write something anyway just to prove that I'm nto a total flake or maybe at the very least to prove that I'm only half a flake. Only now I can't think what to write for Opposites Attract and my computer's not working right. Everything's stalling as I try to write it, so my thoughts are going faster than the words are coming out.

I've never been a big believer in opposites attract. Or at least I wasn't until I met my husband, who:

Does not read

Embarrasses easily

Is quiet

Writes three words a minute with one finger

And after that, I became something of a believer. Because obviously I'm the opposite of all these things. I read like a demon and I never get embarrassed, not even when I fart in public. I'm loud all over the internet and I type 80 words a minute.

Though I will say this: we both love TheSimpsons. And Masterchef. And cheesy restaurants in America. And we both love to cuddle. Man, I couldn't live with someone who didn't like to cuddle. So perhaps that was all I had on my list, really:

Cuddles forever.

And maybe I don't care about things. Traits, likes, dislikes. I only care about one thing:

He loves me. Despite my farting in public.


  1. Short but very sweet, Charlotte!

    Thank you.

    You're very lucky.

    And so is your man.

  2. Charlotte - Ahhh, love. It makes me happy to read about people in love when it's a long term relationship.


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