Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Very Good Day in a Very Good Life

by Kristina Wright

Now that I have a toddler and a baby, my day starts earlier than I would like. I 'm not a morning person, so the boys have learned to fend for themselves and get their own breakfast.

I try to get the kids outside to play after breakfast. The fresh air is good for all of us. Well, maybe it's just good for me. It seems to bring out some aggression in the little ones.
 After we've played outside for awhile (and I've recovered from the wrestling match), 'll load up the boys and Big Monkey (center) and go for a "Jeep truck" ride, as my oldest calls it. They have fun pointing out the school buses, big trucks and police cars with lights and sirens blaring behind us.

We get home from our ride shortly before the babysitter arrives for a few hours. The kids and I spend some time doing things like looking for lost toys in the grass and collecting the mail from the very enthusiastic mail carrier. Some days are very good mail days, indeed.

 When Katherine the babysitter arrives, I make a break for the door kiss my beautiful children and drive to my neighborhood Starbucks, where I spend the next five hours (give or take an hour) checking email, posting exciting Facebook updates and chatting with the baristas writing.

There are some days when the words just won't come (or people just won't leave me alone) and I feel stressed and frustrated. Ever had one of those days? Maybe I should monitor my caffeine intake more closely.

Sometimes I just need to take a break and remind myself why I write. Seeing one of my books on the shelf with THE BOOK is motivational.  Encouraged and hopeful that some day MY book will be THE BOOK, I will do a little more work and pick up a treat for myself.

In the afternoon, it's home for playtime with my three guys and our new dog. My life is filled with handsome boys! (Thankfully, the dog is a girl. I need someone on my team. We're going to get matching pedicures.)

While the boys are playing, I might be a good mother and bake some cookies. You know, to make up for that breakfast fiasco.

If I can manage to wrangle the kids to sit still, we might have a video chat with my best friend in Chicago. She gives the best fashion tips. My fashion tips amount to a) make sure it's clean before I put it on, b) double check my hair for stray Cheerios, c) avoid solid colors, they show stains.

If it's Friday, our date night babysitter Ashleigh will be over after the boys have dinner (which may or may not be those cookies I baked). Then we're off for our own dinner-- preferably at a restaurant that allows us to have a peaceful conversation. Sometimes we talk about having another child. (Usually after I've had too much wine.)

Many nights are spent writing, editing and blogging after the boys go to bed. Some nights, though, all I want is a drink as big as my head. Nod if you understand what I'm talking about.

I thought so.
Most nights, I make it to bed sometime after midnight. Sometimes a little later. Depends on the obstacles.

Once in bed, I indulge myself in various ways... 

I always fall asleep with a smile on my face.

I love my life. I really do.


  1. Love this post! It made me laugh out loud more than once, and I find what you describe inspiring and balanced (probably almost anything I find balanced I find inspiring, heh). How fabulous that you have a date night every week! Thanks for sharing this, and a big yay to you for living and loving your beautiful life! :D

  2. Hi Kristina!

    MAke sure you archive this post somewhere you can get at it in a few years. Life changes so much so fast, and this seems like such a good time in your life. MAy it always endure that way.


  3. Kristina - I love this balance you've carved out for yourself. Yay for a happy life! (fashion tip - maybe a few cheerios in your hair will make people at the coffee shop leave you in peace)

  4. What a fabulous photo spread! You're gorgeous (with or without Cheerios!), as are your three guys. And how could you not be inspired, seeing your book so close to the very top?

    I can see why you chose this topic, Kristina. You have a lot to share.

  5. Thank you for the kind words! To be honest-- I thought a photo essay would be easier than writing a column. Ha! I spent more time selecting photos and writing captions than I would have if I'd written the entire thing. :) Oh well-- it was a lot of fun and it did remind me of how much I have to be thankful for.

    Also, balance is something I am constantly striving to maintain. It is gratifying to know that-- at least in pictures-- it appears I'm succeeding.

  6. I agree with Garce. This post will be priceless to you in years to come, Kristina. Thank you for giving us a window on your life.


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