Monday, November 5, 2012

An Illustrated Life

So, our topic for the next two weeks here at the Grip is "A Day in the Life - In Pictures". Whoever dreamed up this theme wanted us to give readers an idea of what we do on a typical day, by posting photos rather than by describing our activities.

Hmm. There's a problem here, at least for me. I work very hard to keep my real world identity a secret. I don't want to share any pictures that might reveal anything about the person behind my pseudonymic mask.

On the other hand, I don't want to be a spoil sport. Thus, I've concocted a bit of a fantasy day for you to enjoy, using pictures I've taken at various points in my extensive travels.

A Day in the Life of Lisabet Sarai

I live in a tropical country, somewhere in Asia. I wake at sunrise - I've always been a morning person - so that I can enjoy the fresh air sweeping in from the sea.

Leaving my beloved husband to sleep a bit longer ...

I'll go make breakfast, which I serve on our balcony overlooking the ocean.

After breakfast, it's time for me to get to work. I'll seat myself at my computer, with my assistants...

... and bang out my daily 5,000 words. 

That often takes me all the way to lunch, which once again I share with my adoring spouse.

Blissfully free in the afternoon, we may go for a walk on the beach...

or in the jungle...

Sometimes I'll go shopping.

Or we might take a trip up to the local volcano.

We try to get home in time to enjoy a glorious sunset over the sea.

By evening we're ready for some fun. We'll get dressed up....

And go sample some of the local nightlife....

Sometimes we have friends over.

We're usually in bed by midnight, though, drifting off into slumber and dreaming of another lovely day to come.

I love my life - both the fantasy and the real thing!


  1. I'm afraid I'm the culprit for this particular topic, Lisabet. I love seeing photos of people's day-to-day lives-- getting a glimpse behind the words. Thanks for being a good sport-- love the photos!

  2. Hi Lisabet!

    As waves of envy overwhelmed my vision I had to stop and remind myself that this is at least part fantasy. nobody's life is that perfect. I think what dropped my suspension of disbelief was the 5000 words a day. I think you do write 5000 on a good day, but mostly a little less I'm sure.

    I wrote 3000 on saturday. I really did. Nothing since.

    Oddly the picture that made me most envious was the balcony with the tables and the ocean view. Oh wow, that would be so nice to sit in the evening with an adult beverage and contemplate the universe.


  3. Hi, Kristina,

    Hey, I'm as much of a voyeur as the next person. Very curious about all of your lives! Thanks for putting up with my reticence.

  4. Hey, Garce,

    The 5,000 word part is the most exaggerated part of this fantasy, believe me. To be honest, most days I don't manage to write anything at all - not because of writers block but from lack of time.

    Yes, I've written 5K in a day on occasion (though not in just a morning). However, that is extremely rare.

  5. THANK YOU, Lisabet for sharing!

    That was an amazing treat! Your life feels like paradise!

  6. That's a lovely location. I live next to the ocean, too, but it's not nearly as gorgeous.

  7. Hello, Elizabeth,

    Thanks for your comment... but I don't live next to the ocean (I wish!)... this "day" is almost completely fictional.

    I do have a balcony. I have a wonderful view of city buildings LOL.

  8. This is a fun story in photos, Lisabet, even if parts (most?) are fictional.


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