Thursday, November 22, 2012

In the dark...

By  Essemoh Teepee (Guest Blogger)

Nature dragged me from the soft warm embrace of my bed into the chill of the hotel bathroom and the shock of cold porcelain against my skin. I must remember not to leave the seat up, but this is a strange place, one I am not used to so I guess I can forgive myself.

My back aches a little from the unaccustomed work out it got earlier. My lover arrived yesterday, or is it still today, perhaps it’s tomorrow, I wonder if jet-lag is contagious?

The warmth and cotton comfort of the bed next door embraces her as she lies asleep, her skin silky smooth, her thighs sticky from me. I will go back to her soon.

To hold her in my arms again after so long apart is difficult to describe, familiar and comfortable, yet fresh, strange and exciting at the same time. Like one of those optical illusions where you can see the profile of one woman and the face of another if you crash mental gears.

The bathroom is dimly lit; a low crimson glow from the smoke alarm barely allows me to see the outline of my own hand. Instead my mind’s eye sees her rounded breasts filling my field of vision, her peaked nipples begging for my tongue, my lips, my teeth… I can feel my cock stirring, filling.

I can still taste her, feel her back arching as I suckle between her thighs and drink her essence that she gives forth so freely at the urging of my mouth. My nose grinding against her clit is not a sense memory that will easily fade, nor will the sound of her orgasm in my ears be a fleeting recollection. She comes so hard for me and I am once more feeling so hard for her.

There is a magnetism that draws me back to the bed, to her. Positive attracts negative, natural polarity destined to merge and cancel out in a flood of orgasmic energy. I pause at the nightstand to search for the tube of lube with night vision fingers. The slippery coolness filling my palm soothes the ache of my cock, momentarily. The firm strokes of my fingers stiffening my purpose. Stealthy hands, knees and elbows move me across the cloud soft bedding, the sooty dimness hiding her hills and valleys from me.

I remember the warm tightness of her earlier, welcoming me, engulfing me, getting wet for me and I want that again, I want that now. She is still and quiet, she does not stir at my touch. Does she sleep still or just pretend to slumber on as I prepare to ravish her?

My hands on her thighs, spreading her wide. My weight upon her, my erection pressing my petition for urgent entry. Slick with lube, hard with lust, I slide easily into her heat, burying my want in her. The sounds she makes as she wakes to my fucking her, spur me to greater efforts; my hands trapping her wrists. The taking, the having, the possession draw me on. My ankles pressing down on hers, binding her to the bed. My lover is wide open and accepting beneath me, arching against me, clutching at me, squeezing me inside.

I am near and so is she; I want to hold back, to ensure she peaks first. I pause and she cries out.

“Just one more, please…”

I thrust hard into her, deeply, fully; once, twice and she screams into my face. I let go and fill her, my needs satisfied…for now.

Essemoh Teepee is an author, editor, audio producer and publisher. You can find out more about his erotica and sensual hypnosis audios at and

Couples in Touch is a series of Directed Erotic Visualisation Audio ‘Better Sex’ experiences for hetero couples due for release in December from


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    Welcome ot our blog! That's pretty vivid description. I hope we see you here more often.



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