Friday, October 18, 2013

The Good Ol' Days

By Lily Harlem

When many couples first meet there is a first spark of lust. Eye's connect across a crowded room, flirty little lines might lead to a dance, a date, and then at some point there will be a passionate (passion can be slow, it doesn't have to involve a ripped bodice and buttons pinging across the room) meeting in bed, or in a car, or a hot-tub or in the restroom on a plane - you get my drift.

But what about after a year, two years, ten years? How does the erotic element of a couple's relationship change? I've been with my hot hunk of love muscle for a few of decades now, much the same as my co-author Natalie Dae. It was discussing all things sexy with Natalie one night over wine that we got to thinking about a plot where a married couple decides to spice things up again - big time.

This conversation gave birth to That Filthy Book, which, although yes it is filthy, uses a long forgotten book to remind the heroine of what she used to enjoy before the trappings of children and housework and shopping. It also gives her new ideas which her husband, Jacob, is more than happy to go along with. The pair of them revisit the sexual relationship they had when they first met and them move it forward into a whole new territory that works as the people they have grown into and that fits the loving, committed relationship they have. I'm really proud of this story and it's had excellent reviews, including "every woman should read this book."

So if a book could help a relationship hit those first highs again, and possibly go even further and reach for the stars, could a spice jar? You'll think I'm mad and I am, but I'm also shamelessly plugging, because today I have a new book out called Joy Ride.

Joy Ride is part of the Spice Rack series at Ellora's Cave and it's all about long-term couple's spicing up their sex life. Revisiting a steamy, hot and naked place they used to exist in. The Spice Rack is of course fictitious (though I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to make your own) and the idea is there are a range of bottles either Sweet, Savory or Hot that have to be picked off the rack (novelty toy bought at wine-infused girly parties or online) and inside is a saucy suggestion. It can be anything from tie your partner up, treat them to a massage or get your kink on!

My story is about the task 'express your love on the move' and it is a lot of fun and very naughty. Like in real life though the characters have children to farm out to sitters, work is in the back of their minds and finding that moment to just 'be' again, as a sexual couple, takes a bit of hunting out.

It's like that in life though. The move from constantly wanting to be naked together and in the final throes has to progress onto cooking and cleaning together, watching TV and filling in tax forms.

But as an author, it is these long-term couples that I particularly enjoy writing about. The characters are established, comfortable together and so when boundaries are pushed and they step out of their comfort zone it adds many more layers to the experience and a whole host of different emotions and dialogue to play with. I'll keep writing about married couples, living together couples because I find it so very real, and I also think that there are many readers who can relate to this type of hero and heroine.

You can find out more about the Spice Rack on my website. Have a wonderful day.

Lily x


  1. I have to wonder how many couples actually read erotica. Of course, one or the other of any particular pair may, but what about both, and would they necessarily read the same kind of stuff? Several of my married friends (and one single woman) read my erotica, but it seems it's mostly the women who are interested. Although I do know one couple who read my stuff together.

    1. i read my husband my erotica. he's my first reader. & he'll sometimes read smut while i'm sucking him off.

  2. Well, my husband and I both read erotica, though not necessarily at the same time. I tend to pass on the stuff I really like to him - except the BDSM and homoerotica, in which he has zero interest.

    Lily, congratulations on the new release! I loved THAT FILTHY BOOK - as I think you know.

  3. Thank you Lisabet :-)

    Mr H prefers war novels or Jack Reacher but occasionally he'll read something sexy of mine though he did make a comment recently that he couldn't read it on the beach on holiday LOL

  4. Love the post as well as the illustrations!


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