Friday, February 7, 2014


Post by Lily Harlem

Oh, hands, now there's a lovely subject about what must surely be one of the most expressive parts of our bodies. Hands can be held out in a gesture of acceptance or lifted in surrender or clenched in aggression and a million other ways, and it's easy to see what the owner of the hands is thinking or feeling - or in some cases wanting you to think or feel!

I've long since loved looking at peoples' hands. I can tell you out of all my friends who has the nicest shaped hands, who uses them the most when they're talking and whose show the wear and tear of their profession.

I've been gathering pictures of hands for some time on my Pinterest board - there's sexy, old, young, multiple hands, photoshopped hands, naughty hands, clasped hands, bound hands… well, take a look for yourself.

This is one of my favourites. I wonder how many years he's been kissing her hand or if he's just met her?

Gotta share this one too - new bra ladies?

Much as I love looking at hands, when it comes to men I really like wrists and forearms. I love the way roped tendons move beneath the skin and how the bones in the wrist jut out slightly. And if there's veins too, then that's me smitten…

Naturally hands are jolly useful for lots of things not least creating art. Here are a couple of wonderful pictures my dear friend, fellow author and artist Tabitha Rayne recently drew for me with her skilful hands.

The first is called 'A Quiet Night In', and the second 'Anticipation'. Perfectly suited to their images, don't you think?

Thanks for reading and looking, hopefully it stopped you from sitting twiddling your thumbs for a few minutes - something Mr H tells me off for all the time and a terrible habit I have when worrying about something.

Lily x

PS - Find out more about Tabitha on her blog, she's a skilful at writing stories that delight the senses as she is at capturing erotica with a pencil.


  1. What evocative, well-chosen images, Lily! Thanks for posting.

  2. You're so visual, Lily! Wonderful post.

    Tabitha's sketches are fantastic. I didn't know she was an artist as well as an author.

  3. I like especially the first sketch. I don;t think men notice hands that much unless something is wounded or unusual about them, or maybe just I don;t. On the other hands Indian and Thai women draw attention to their hands during their dance with gestures. Women have beautiful or wise hands.


  4. These are incredible images, Lily. I particularly like the first one—I can see why it's your favorite. Something about the way their skin looks in the shot makes me think of an ancient rock formation.


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