Friday, February 21, 2014


Post by Lily Harlem

That's the word that comes out of my mouth most when I'm immersed in a good book, and my latest 'shhh' book has been Thrill Seeker by Kristina Lloyd.

Oh my goodness this lady can write erotica. That's not a new concept to me, I've been devouring Kristina's books for years and eagerly await her new releases. Thrill Seeker is a hot off the press from Black Lace, re-launched, and I have to say it completely captivated me to the point I was rubbish company until I reached The End.


'I'd never set out to snag Mr Right but I'd veered so far off that track I was now at the mercy of Mr Dangerously Wrong...'

Betrayed by her lover, Natalie Lovell finds herself exploring the world of internet dating.

Then she meets a dark sexy stranger online who promises all the danger, excitement and dominance she craves. But how far will Natalie go to get the ultimate in thrills…?

* * * *

Thrill Seeker both entertains and shocks. Natalie is a controversial heroine but that suits me just fine. I like a bit of crazy thrown into the mix! There are three heroes strutting through the pages, all essential to the plot and each will ignite a different reaction from the reader. Ms Lloyd is eloquent, fresh, dirty and raw and I absolutely love her style. If you haven't read her work treat yourself, any lover of erotica won't be disappointed.


  1. Oh, this is awesome! I've been really wanting to read this, so I'm glad to hear you like it so much! :)

  2. Another to add to my wishlist! (Maybe D.L. King will assign it to me to review LOL.)

  3. I just love a book that makes me jealous of everything that invades that space. Shhh! I'm reading here!


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