Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hunger comes in many flavors

When we think of hunger we usually thin k of empty stomachs and people starving. Or our own stomachs grumbling when we’re too far past feeding time. But me? I like to write about sexual hunger. Yes, I know. I have a one track mind. What can I say? Is there anything more intense than the hunger of a man and woman for each other? In so many of our stories I combine both kinds of hunger to create the atmosphere of sexual tension, like the following excerpt from Eight Second Ride, a hot story about a bull ride and a lady sheriff.

She shifted in her chair. “Listen, Kyle…”He reached across the table and touched her lips with one finger. She was shocked at the heat it generated and the acceleration of her pulse.
“No objections, okay? Let’s enjoy dinner and let me show you I can really be a fine gentleman.”
Oh, god, how will I get through this? I don’t want to feel anything from him but he’s worse than a drug. I never should have agreed to this.
He ordered a bottle of wine, asking her what kind she preferred and checking with the waiter to see what was recommended. When she protested that she didn’t want anything stronger than water, he just grinned at her.
“One little taste, okay?” he said. “Then, if you don’t want any more, I’ll finish the bottle myself.”
“And drive home?”
“I think I can handle the wine.” His slow smile nearly curled her toes.
The waiter brought them a bottle of Sister Creek Muscat Canelli, a light white from a Texas winery and one of her favorites. When their glasses were full he touched his to hers, the ping of crystal resonating in the air.
“To a pleasant evening,” he said.
“A pleasant evening.”
The backs of his fingers just brushed hers and that same sizzle raced through her. Oh, yeah, she was in trouble here. And the worst part was, she seemed helpless to resist it. When he licked a drop of wine from his lips she wanted to replace his tongue with her own. When he gave her a slow smile, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking, she squirmed in her chair, feeling moisture seep into her crotch. God, this man was lethal.
She only meant to take a little sip of the wine, but somehow her glass was suddenly empty and Kyle refilled it, teasing her that a tough sheriff like her should be able to hold a little alcohol. The problem was the wine was delicious and took the edge off her nerves that snapped and crackled with Kyle Mitchell just across the table from her.
He kept up a conversation throughout the meal, his voice low and soothing, his interest in her obviously more than just polite. When she finished her salad, he leaned across the table and brushed his thumb across her bottom lip.
“A touch of salad dressing, darlin’.” Then he slowly and deliberately licked his thumb.
Jessie squeezed her thighs together.

When he chewed and swallowed, she couldn’t stop looking at the movement of his jaw and the muscles in his throat. Whenever he refilled her wine glass, he managed to caress her fingers with his own, touch her skin lightly. She was unwillingly mesmerized, hating herself for it but unable to drag her eyes away from him.
They ordered a slice of Decadent Chocolate Surprise for dessert.
“To share,” he said, and told the waiter, “Two forks, please.”
“Oh, I think I’m too full for dessert,” she protested. She was buzzed from the wine and not exactly in possession of all her faculties. Getting home before she got into trouble was an urgent priority.
“Just a few bites,” he insisted, and flashed that killer grin. “You know what they say. Chocolate can be better than sex.”
Sex. Not a word she could afford to associate with Kyle Mitchell.
When the plate arrived, Kyle handed her one of the forks, his fingers brushing her hand. She was sure a lightning bolt had shot through her arm and directly to her cunt. Holy shit!
But if touching was bad, eating the dessert was positively lethal. When she didn’t immediately dig her fork into what was really a decadent dessert, Kyle broke off a piece with his fork and reached across the table, sliding it into her astonished mouth. He took a bite himself, then slowly and deliberately licked a speck from his lower lip.
Jessie was having trouble with her breathing and her pulse was beating in every erogenous zone in her body. But she knew Kyle wasn’t as detached as he pretended. The dark flush on his cheeks and the glitter in his eyes told her exactly how aroused he was.
“You know what I’d like to do to you, Sheriff Jessie?”
She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear it. His low, smoky drawl was an aphrodisiac itself, making liquid heat rush through her.
“I think I have an idea,” she heard herself say, the tone of her voice unfamiliar to her.
“Oh, darlin’, I don’t think so.” That very wicked grin tilted his lips. “You’d be shocked at the thoughts running through my mind.”
“Maybe I wouldn’t be shocked at all,” she teased. Oh, god, what am I turning into?
“Oh, yeah? Well, first I’d like to strip you naked, turn you over my knee and spank that sexy ass until it turns a beautiful shade of red. I’d reach between your thighs and feel just how hot and wet it made you.”
Spank her? Really? Wasn’t that one of her secret fantasies? Would he be the one who was shocked if she told him that? Wait a minute. This was just supposed to be dinner, right?

Get yourself together, girl

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  1. Now you've made me 'hungry'. "Oh, Momma X… would you come in here a minute?"

  2. I like that you went for sexual hunger—you'd think we all would have, and yet you're the first...

  3. Yum! I do like the way you worked in the food, though!


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