Friday, May 2, 2014

Momentous Moments

Post by Lily Harlem

There are many moments in my life that I consider to be momentous, some are good and some are not so good, but they are all important and all shape the person that I am today. From first memories, to childhood achievements and disappointments to meeting the man who I'm happily spending my life with I cherish them all.

But there are a few 'moments' that are perhaps not so conventional, and by that I mean I really do believe I've seen into my future on a few occasions. I don't think I'm psychic and I'm not a believer in supernatural, but on occasion I've been struck with something that I'm absolutely convinced is going to happen even though I couldn't possibly know for sure.

The majority of these things are very personal and I wouldn't share them online, but what I will say is that the feeling of knowledge, a flash of insight, has given me comfort, almost like having a caring arm wrapped around my shoulder. It's taken away a worry or an uncertainty and helped me carry on when the going was tough. Perhaps it's a form of self-belief, or determination, I'm not sure, but it felt like an external force at play in my mind.

I guess what I'd like to do now is be convinced that I'm going to win the lottery, or jet off to a luxury hotel in the sun for a few months, or perhaps just have all the things that pull me out of the 'moment' when I'm writing - the telephone, the doorbell, real life duties - be suspended for a little while. 

Lily x


  1. Stay positive about your insights and premonitions. They can be valuable tools if you don't fear the phenomenon. Trust your intuitions.

  2. Physicists say that time moving forward the way we experience is an illusion of the brain, its not the way time actually exists which is a constant state like gravity. This is why time travel is theoretically possible. Time exists not like an arrow but actually like a loaf of bread and its like taking a slice out of the bread. So I wonder when we have those insights about our future if this might be our mind jumping head to something which has already happened but is still future relative to us.


  3. I believe you, Garce. I've often wondered if deja vu is that same thing. If we really do have God inside of all of us, and we're a part of God, then maybe we really do know everything that ever has and ever will happen to us. But temporal beings such as ourselves can't know what the future holds, lest we try to change it. So sometimes it's as if a door opens slightly, and we can see through it, saying, "I've done this before". Then the door swings shut and we're left wondering if even we believe what we just said.

    That might be the kind of thing that's happening to Lily. I love when you guys have topics like this that encourage me to think deep thoughts. It takes me out of the ennui of my everyday reality, and reminds me that my brain is limitless and can imagine anything. Thanks!

  4. I can believe that you've had these sorts of flash-forward moments. I've occasionally had a deep sense of fatefulness when I meet a person—the knowledge that they're going to be significant to me—and that's been true every time I can currently think of.


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