Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Package?

by Daddy X

“Margaret? What’s in the package?”

“Uh… what package?”

“The one I signed for this afternoon. Before you got home.”

“Where is it, honey? I thought it would arrive tomorrow—when I’m off.”

“What’s in it?”

“Nothing. Just some girl stuff.”

“What kind of girl stuff?”

“You tell me about your package; I’ll tell you about mine.”

“What package?”

“The one I put in the basement two months ago. Right after you stopped paying attention to me. I’ll get it and we can open our packages together.”

Henry’s face blanched. He’d long forgotten the one on-line purchase that hadn’t arrived, figuring it was a scam. “Did a package come here? Sure it was for me?”

“No, it came for a ‘Sydney Longcocking’, but delivered here. Other things for him have disappeared off the stoop. Open mine first, baby!”

“Well, whoever this ‘Sidney’ is, he’s not getting his package thanks to you. Give it to me and maybe I can track him down.”

“Just open the box, Henry.”

“Jesus Margaret! Really? A dildo and a fuck book?”

“You never want to have sex with me any more. What should I think? Especially when you’re buying some woman’s funky panties.”


  1. Ouch! Definitely better not to know.

    But then, maybe not. Maybe this will get them talking.

    1. Yep, I'm thinking they must have at least one common interest!

  2. Sydney Longcocking - chortle! Where on line can you buy funky panties? Enquiring minds want to know dammit!

    1. Don't they have vending machines in Japan for that sort of thing? But I think they specialize in the undies of schoolgirls.

  3. Yeah, it really does sound like a good negotiation session could sort this couple right out. Sequel? :)

  4. Clever tale. I vote for a sequel too.


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