Friday, March 4, 2016

Guilty Pleasures Of Mine

Broad regal noses and dark curls on “kittens”
Warm copper skin tones will leave me quite smitten
Brown shapely backsides, stretch marks broad and fine
These are a few guilty pleasures of mine

Coffee-skinned honeys with full lips inviting
Nipples and ripples and wide hips for biting
Wild hair that flies as upon her I dine
These are a few guilty pleasures of mine

Midnight goddesses with blue-black eyelashes
Sweat-sheen that sprays as beneath me she thrashes
Pink of my tongue as it traces her spine
These are a few guilty pleasures of mine

On the cold nights
When I’m beating
On a solo drum 
I simply imagine my guilty pleasures
And I don’t take long… to cum


  1. You're not shy about saying what you like, Willsin!

    Though I'm not sure why you should feel guilty about these favorite things!

  2. Bravo! Like Lisabet, though, I don't see anything to feel guilty about.

  3. Thank you all. I suppose I was a little liberal with the definition of "guilty". I took it more in the sense of being an indulgence, rather than something to actually feel guilty about.

  4. Your words are so vivid and nicely explicit, A well-seduced reader won't find them illicit.

  5. Of course you meant it to be set to "My Favorite Things", right? I heard the whole thing sung as I read. Very cleverly done! I've only got 5 minutes before I leave for my second job of the day, so I'll keep it short. But I've really missed you guys!

  6. Hahahaha amazing. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day :P

    And hi Fiona! Nice to see you!


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